Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not Your Granny's Lace

     Lace has been popping up for a few seasons, now and we thought it best to give it some air time, so to speak. Lace has a feminine and old world charm, for women have been both making and wearing lace for hundreds of years. Lace as we know it has been around since the late 15th century making it the trend of the millenium! (It is giving rose gold and skulls a run for their money!) It was often a nod to a more ostentatious lifestyle and was handmade until the 1770's. Since then, lace has been produced using machines and in the here and now is no exception. Furthermore most of the lace garments that we interact with are synthetics, with nylon and viscose being the top candidates. 

    Enough with the history lesson and on to the fashion. Above are some juicy pieces that are flattering on pretty well any figure. The blue lace dress and the peach dress to the far right are a fit and flare style. These are perfect for women that a) want to create a waist or b) want to camouflage a fuller tummy. The sheath dresses on the left are lined, giving the lace a chance to skim the curves, rather than to cling to them.

The dresses can be found... (starting from the left)

     For those of us who like the look of classic, black lace, here are some great pieces. I have the dress and I want to emphatically drive home that this is one heck of a flattering dress. I wear it with a rhinestone brooch and pointed toe flats, and I am ready to go! The only problem? Cats. They love it. They can't get enough of walking all over me with their little kitty claws. It must be a fun texture for them. Sneaks. I also included the "trend overload!" top. Peplum and lace! Just think, in 15 years, you could wear it to a 2010's party, and everyone would know when it came from. 

Starting at the left:

    Finally, I have put together what I feel is a killer outfit. It juxtaposes extreme feminine (lace) with biker chic (moto jacket) and finishes off with a Balenciaga motorcycle bag. I know that this bag has peaked, and a number of years ago at that. But, I think that it might just be a modern classic. 

Have a wonderful day!



  1. I'm a few weeks late in commenting, but I loved this post. I'm not full-figured but on the other end of the spectrum where almost everything that fits is designed for a half-naked high school student advertising pop musicians. Still, what you wrote is great encouragement. I just bought my first lace dress, similar to the sheath one you show. The inside is soft and stretchy and feels like loungewear. The outside, well, it's good looking lace. THANK YOU, Elizabeth!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I am so glad that you are enjoying your dress. Breaking outside of one's sartorial comfort zone is so rewarding!


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