Monday, July 29, 2013

Skirting the Comfort Zone

Or should I say jumpsuiting the comfort zone? I have a love/hate relationship with this... what IS this called? Jumpsuit? Romper? I don't know. All I know is, I tried it on COMPLETELY on a whim this one time when I was in Forever21+ about a year or so ago, and to my surprise... I liked how it looked on me. And I was drawn to it because it was a jumpsuit. A frickin' JUMPSUIT. I didn't have anything like that... no one I knew (skinnybitch or ample-bodied) had anything like that.
Now, I don't pretend to be a nonconformist, or that I am way out there fashion forward, but this, this I felt was something I needed to have for some reason.
And so I bought it, I have worn it, a few times. And then one time I hate it, and then one time I love it.
I was actually told my the receptionist where I work as I passed "Well THAT's an interesting outfit for work!" I wasn't fazed by her comment, but it did impress upon me that this little number might be a smidge out of the ordinary. I mean, head to toe blood-red jersey?
But, since I do vacillate, and love it at times, I think I'll keep it. I think jumpsuits are still relevant. Who knows, maybe I'll even buy another one...

Friday, July 26, 2013

'Merican Day

Dang. I love technology, but here's an instance when it failed me. Failed to load, didn't realise it, and then I forgot about it! But anyway...

I had been on the hunt for a circle/skate/flared skirt for a while. I guess they don't make them for ample-bodied chicks, because, I suppose (as one employee at a certain plus-sized retailer who shall remain nameless told me once "no one wants to make their hips look any bigger..." Tsk tsk tsk). I've told you before (and I'll say it again) that I abide by the fitted over loose / loose over fitted rule. And  since I am now braving the new world of tucking in shirts, I wanted a bigger skirt to balance out the tucked in t-shirt that I wanted to do. Now, I have this perfect black t-shirt from Old Navy that I've been planning FOREVER to do that with, but I couldn't find the skirt. And, sadly, I still haven't... BUT I did find this skirt, and so, with it, I was able to kill two of my fashion birds with one stone: fitted top with skater skirt, and mixing patterns. It's a little bit country, and no rock and roll, but, that's cool. It was a fluke that I ended up wearing this on Independence day (that is the other name for July 4, right?) but it worked, so I let it.

On me: Tee/Skirt/Shoes Old Navy 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"It's not about the size of your ass, it is about what you do with it that matters"


 "Want a bikini body? Then put a bikini on your body!" This statement has been floating around facebook for the past few months, since the start of the summer season. You may have even seen it on our facebook page. As warm and inclusive as that sounds, how does one make the leap from agreeing to this line to stepping on the sand wearing a two piece? With the help of Tara Caffelle, that's how.

     We met for lunch late last week and and hit it off immediately. It is hard not to, with a bubbly and warm personality and a taste for life. But it is not just charm that Caffelle brings to the table, it is plenty of education and years of coaching experience. She is Vancouver's Big Life Coach. Caffelle specializes in working with women that have body issues that are holding them back from leading a rich and rewarding life. 

     She likes to say that "it is not the size of your ass, but what you do with it that matters".  She thrives on leading women that believe "I am too fat for ________" and that let their size "take them out of the game" to a "yummy place that makes [one] swell with gratitude." She wants women to embrace the fact that there "people that love you the way you are in the size you are." 

    Tara wasn't always in love with every inch of herself. A reformed size tag cutter, Tara went through years of dieting starting off in her early tweens. She came to recognize herself at her size as no less valuable than others and her body is just her body and to be present in it. 

     She wants to share what she has learned with other women in two September workshops- with one in New Westminster and the other being in Victoria. (details below) She will focus on teaching women how to get off the "self hatred roller-coaster," how to tap into what is amazing about your body and how "losing 30 pounds in 30 days is not the way to become powerful, " in addition to a host of other game changing lessons. At the end of the day she wants her participants to truly believe that "a size 24 deserves to show up at an event looking amazing and  being told so."  

Tara Caffelle can be found at and to sign up for the workshop, please go here
Early Bird registration is 97$ until August 15, then the price jumps to $147.00


Monday, July 22, 2013

Never ending love affair with lace...

... I think I has one...
After the complete lack of effort that went into almost all of last weeks ensemble (hence, why you didn't see them here, but can take a look on Tumblr, if you are so inclined) I was really committed to starting this week with a bang. And I think I succeeded here. Picked up this lace top over my vacation for $9 at Walmart. Didn't even try it on, just made sure that when I held it against me that the side seams, when held to my midpoint on each side, didn't pull too much. I don't want to say that ALWAYS works, but most times, yes. I knew this lace shirt would be a great layering piece, and I love the off-white aged vintage color. Even though my initial thought was "this would look great under a blazer" I wanted to wear it sooner than the weather would be condicive to that combination, so I just threw it on over a nude cami and black pencil skirt. It really needed the belt, so with the addition of that, I threw on classic pumps, and was out the door. I considered (and probably could have worn) a pearl necklace, but the pearl earrings I chose were pretty dramatic, and I didn't want to do too much up in the ear/neck area. So, I opted for stacked pearl bracelets, and off we go.
The fitted pencil skirt and thin belt really give me an hourglassy look, which I really dig.

On me: Cami Forever21+; Top Walmart; Skirt Target; Belt Reitmans; Shoes Franco Sarto via DSW; Earrings/bracelet unknown

Monday, July 15, 2013

Traveling Capsule Collection

Hello my beauties!

     I am back from a lovely journey that took me from Vancouver, to Kelowna to London to Helsinki to Tallinn. Thanks to an amazing sale, most of what I wore was from Addition-Elle and Eileen Fisher. The Marilyn top went with everything, and seeing that I am a messy eater, hid my shame. The Eileen Fisher skirt was perfect for the plane and queuing at security stops. It looked fab with flats and if I had brought heels, it would have worked with them, too. I loved these jeans. They were ridiculously comfortable and rolled up they looked on trend. The yellow top, though I loved it and it was of good quality, did not fare so well. I spilled crab bisque, clams, mussels, gravy and berries on it. I really do need to wear a lobster bib when out and about. Luckily, it is on for 10$ this week and I will go and buy a new one! I am a toddler in the skin of an adult.

     One thing I found about shopping for plus sized clothes abroad, is that we have it damned good, here. In about 20 minutes, I can be in an Addition-Elle and snapping up on trend garments. In 40 minutes, I can be at Forever Yours, I can be fitted for bras in beautiful colours and comfortable panties. I can be in  Lucy fawning over the beautiful dresses and I can drive to Railtown and shop Cherry Velvet Plus. There are plenty of options. There is variety, quality and colour. 

      In Finland, there is Stockmann. It is a department store that has a few lines of the dumpiest clothes you could find. Everything was tent like and made for a woman of "a certain age." (mid 50's-60's) There is nothing wrong with being over 50. However, there is something gravely wrong if that is the only customer your garments attract. I saw H&M + and was disappointed. The Helsinki store had two very small racks with army green pants that were of dismal quality and the blouses were very basic. 
Lindex, a discount/fast fashion store has a plus line that sold over sized t-shirts as dresses for 29 Euros. The fabric was thin and not cut to flatter a full figure. 

     There are some exceptions, such as Carmakoma and Asos and all of the great shops in the UK, but in Finland, you don't have much choice. 

     Apart from Marimekko
Marimekko is a fashion and textile empire that hails from Finland and covers sizes 00-22/24W. I bought a cute linen white with black polka dot dress. So amazing. The dress was made in Finland and I was thrilled. 

(I apologize for the quality of the image! I will post a better picture in the coming days)
Marimekko is high quality and f-u-n. They are pieces that you treasure and that wear well. My dress was 129.00 Euros. And 3 days after buying it, it went on sale. Doh!

Here are the links to the pieces that I wore:

*The prices listed for Addition-Elle are less the 50% discount promo they have now. 

The Marimekko dress is not online, however the corresponding top is here.

I look forward to chatting with you all in the coming days!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mental High Fives All Day

Typically, in the moments before I fall asleep at night, I consider my wardrobe in context of the upcoming weather, and I decide what I will wear the next day.
Nine times out of ten, I go with something completely different.
Today was sorta one of those days.
I saw, on Tumblr, a wicked outfit of a fitted denim shirt under a long white maxi skirt with a thick brown belt. Loved it. Borrowed a white skirt from a friend hoping to recreate the look, and that was what I pretty much had planned. Sadly, the white skirt was too snug, and you could see the tails of the denim shirt through the fabric. Double-plus ungood.
So, I pulled this skirt out of the closet on a whim. Got it from Winners for $8 months ago. I was looking for a black and white striped skirt, but for $8, this was close enough.
My original plan for this skirt was with a denim jacket over it, but that didn't work, so long story long... this outfit was born.
If I hadn't been in such a rush this morning, I probably wouldn't have worn this outfit at all. I didn't really dig it. But, I had to jet, so I threw on shoes, and necklace and a belt, and voila... *cue singing of angels*
I was giving myself mental high fives all day on this outfit.

I really like this ensemble after all. Its quite gathered at the waist, so it gives my "narrow" hips a little oophm, and presto, instant hourglass! Yeah, I'll take it.
Can't really see the necklace much under the shirt, but I just can't do the "necklace over shirt,  under collar" thing. Something about it just feels wrong to me. Don't ask me why...

On Me: Houndstooth skirt Chaus via Winners; Denim shirt Forever 21+; Belt Rickis; Shoes Chinese Laundry via Value Village; Necklace Ebay

Denim and B&W

Merona long denim shirt
26 CAD -

Michael kor
95 CAD -

Zara ankle tie shoes
53 CAD -

Yellow statement necklace
7.39 CAD -

ASOS slimming belt
11 CAD -

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