Monday, February 4, 2013

J Crew for You!

     J Crew is easily my favorite store. I LOVE it. The colours, the silhouettes, the jewelry and shoes are so fun and expressive. Simply happy clothes. However, I do not fit into anything other than the most generous of sweaters, there. They do go up to a 16, but it fits more like a 14, and I am not at 14 base camp right now. But! Fear not! I have pieced together what is a J Crew outfit using my go to brand, Talbots, and Macy's. I then tossed in the J Crew shoes for good measure and voila! I put several bunches of peonies in the graphic because a) they are beautiful and b) I am sending out a special wish to a special girl in the audience. You know who you are and you are starting your fancy new job today! Congrats! That was all said in the smoothest of smooth Casey Kasem voice, by the by. 

     Just remember, you are perfect and beautiful the way you are. Moreover, if you do some hunting, you can pretty well find most clothing items in plus size. I will keep on the hunt, too!

Here is the rundown of goods....starting at the left:

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