Monday, February 4, 2013

Cutest Outfit Imaginable...

     I came up with this outfit whilst in the shower and quickly ran out to blog about it! I am STILL in my robe with wet hair. Scratch that, I just went and put my hair up in a messy and sopping bun. I am so excited that all of these pieces are available for plus sizes. We can look amazing and foxy and oh so stylish. The neat thing about this outfit is that the shirt is under $30.00 and the skirt is under $75.00. Moreover, the lipstick and nail polish can be snapped up at any ol' drugstore. Who ever decided to put vicodin and lipstick in the same place was a beautiful genius. I kid. 

     The necklace and shoes and bag are a little more of an investment, but versions there of can be picked up at any mall. Forever 21 is a great place to start. Each of these pieces are easy to wash and wear, as they cotton and not too snug fitting. The shoes are a nice chunky heel that is a much more comfortable alternative to a stiletto and more polished than a wedge.  

     I hope all of you embrace your shape and wear clothes that are fun and beautiful! Invest in yourself now and feel beautiful. I am saddened when I hear women, especially plus women talking about buying quality pieces only after they have "lost the weight." Do you really want to delay life and pleasure? Why not make yourself look radiant today? 

Here is the rundown from left to right:

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