Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fuchsia, how I misjudged thee

When I was a kid, I remember fuchsia being a color that I associated with my mom. I can't recall why, but I remember that I associated it with my mom, and it was therefore uncool, and most certainly not the color for me. I also thought that about her predilection for large scale floral patterns, and cross-stich. While my distaste for floral patterns still holds very true, and my opinion on cross-stitch is wavering (there is some incredible shit going on in Etsy; like here, here, here here, here, and here), I have done a complete 180 on fuchsia. In that it is a variation of pink, I think it might be one of those colors that looks good on me!

So, letting a previously tainted color back into your life can be a good thing, that is something I learned.

Something I also learned, is that satin, and static cling, and some curves, do not mix.

So, satin is an iffy fabric. It can crease terribly, but most egregious, is its sheen. And the sheen works against you... big time. Combine that with some static that makes it cling to your curves, and sometimes, it makes for a not nice look.

There were a lot of shots taken of this outfit, and a LOT of them did not make the cut.

See, I kind of have a personal policy that I won't airbrush any of the shots that I take, but that doesn't mean that I have to post ALL the shots. You can betcher ass that I am cutting any that make me look as though I am 6 months pregnant. And static cling, shiny satin, and a not-flat stomach = bun-in-the-oven lookin'. I know that there are some who would be all "f*ck it, embrace your curves" but I am not that evolved. I can only embrace some of them...

Earrings are another eBay find. I liked them because they echoed some of the statement necklaces that have been making the rounds.

Not sure what in the world was going through my head in the shot on the left, but it clearly wasn't Ryan Gosling...
Sorry if my photos are sucking... I was busted in the warehouse during the last shoot (as evidenced by that days outtake) so I am back on the prowl for a good place to shoot. I thought this location had enough light, but I was wrong... I'm working on it!

Blouse: Jessica (from Sears) old, like over 2 years old. 
Jeggings: Torrid
Shoes: Target (also seen in this OOTD)


  1. Oh I hear you on the staticky satin (aka satin.. satan... not that much of a stretch, really). HOW many times while wedding dress shopping did I have to say No Shiny? (Too many) Though I've found that matte satin exists and is actually not so bad.

    Love you in the fuchsia!

  2. Thanks! I have to say, I will be more diligent with my no-static spray when I wear this shirt again. I am so over winter... dry hands, staticy clothes, staticy hair... blech. Get here already Spring!!


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