Friday, February 1, 2013

Belts: A Very Necessary Accessory


     Belts. A streamlined way to add a punch of colour, polish and to either create or emphasize a waist. They are an important weapon in  the fashionista's arsenal. However, it is difficult to find a well made and chic plus size belt. I see some belts at Target, made of polyurethane with the shelf life of a few months. They split or warp or get those horrible threads hanging off of them.

     Today, I have found some actual leather plus sized belts that you can buy online for a little more money than an Asos belt, but with a lower cost per wear. Let me illustrate this point. I bought a mint belt at JC Penney. It was $10.00 and poly and I have now worn it three times and it has gone the way of the dodo. Cost per wear? $3.33. I bought a belt three years ago at talbots and it was $50.00 shipped. I wear it every second day. No joke. It is a wonderful white leather skinny belt that is embossed with a subtle lizard pattern without skinning lizards! Its' cost per wear over 3 years has been just under a dime. 

(This lizard is clearly thrilled that he and his ilk had no part in the making of today's outfit.)
The belts listed are clockwise starting at the top left: (All under $55.00!)

1) Old Navy $26.94 (Brown) (Probably China)
2) Desire Me Now $25.00 (Fuchsia) (Canadian Made!)
3) Artisan Leather $43.63 (Cognac) (UK Made!)
4) Talbots $39.50 (Green) (Probably China)
5) Lands End $54.00 (Black) (Probably China)
6) Talbots $44.50 (Patent) (Probably China)
7) Artisan Leather $48.48  (Black) (UK Made!)
8) Desire Me Now $25.00 (Red) (Canadian Made!)

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