Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hitting the trends!

So sad that the pleather stripe isn't showing up in these pics... its there, I swear!
I was so afeard of these leggings when I bought them, because I thought I would be limited to wearing them with long tunic sweaters and knee-high boots, but now that I see the pictures, I think they will be far more versatile than that. They fit less like skintight leggings, and more like skinny pants.
Oh, if only those earrings were a little duskier, they'd be peeeeerfect!
So, this outfit... I am trying to remember the genesis. Oh yes, I wanted to wear something comfy, because my lungs are still in revolt, and I feel like crap, but after three weeks of no f*cks given, I really HAD to make a bit more of an effort. Ya, so I lied last post.. that wasn't last Friday, it was probably 3 or 4 Fridays ago... my bad. I am hitting quite a few Fall '13 trends, and they aren't even clashing! Grey, check, oxblood, check, (p)leather accents, check! Go me!

I'd like to chat a bit about the lippy in this post. I picked it up on a whim at Forever 21, while I was waiting in line. Impulse buy, absolutely. But, I was in the market for a berry lip color for this fall, because I don't have any in my collection yet, given that I stay very close to more neutral pinks and such. And I have to say, this lipstick is knocking my socks off! Well, it would be, if I was wearing socks. I am still resisting the wearing of socks... Back to the lipstick. Its great! It applies like velvet, so smooth, it has only the slightest loveliest scent, its super pigmented, and long wearing as well!! I feel like I should have paid way more than $4 something for it! I can't say anything about the other colors, but "Berry" is phenomenal. Actually, I think, given how cheap they are, I might go back, get all the colors, and do a Swatchey McMakeup post!

Tried something different; how do you feel about the center part?
On me: Pleather side panel leggings Ricki's White blouse Old Navy (similar from Ricki's) / Short sleeved grey sweater Ricki's from ages ago (similar from Ricki's now) / Oxblood Almond Toe Nubuck pumps Charlotte Russe / Lip color stick Forever 21 in "Berry"

Accountant meets biker

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Last Friday, casually

Friday. Even though every day at my office can be casual, I guess I just have this Friday thing in my head. Its the day before the weekend, and we just need to get through it, so lets get through it as comfortably as possible, yes?
Just wearing my old-faithfuls (the jeans) from Torrid, and this shirt that I inherited from my friend, the one that hands me down stuff. The blouse is from Old Navy, and its one of those shirts that I am SO glad my friend decided she didn't like. First, I have almost nothing in navy, and second, I love the little details on it.
You probably can't see very well, because the photography is so weak, but there is pleating at the bottom, gathering at the top, and a keyhole neckline thing going on.

I really need to work on my friendly smile... some serious BRF going on here...

Monday, November 4, 2013

I love my Boyfriend...

...jeans, so much. Seriously. I've been coveting these jeans since last Spring, and I finally have them, and they are just as awesome as I was hoping they would be. I have been wearing these non-stop since I got them. Honestly, they are so awesome. This isn't really the best outfit to introduce you to these jeans, since I am not loving this styling, but the one thing I AM loving is the combination of fancy-bitch heels with the distressed and relaxed jeans. I have an AWESOME outfit in my head that includes these jeans, but I haven't actually gotten around to wearing it yet, since I have been sick as a dog for over two weeks, and its all I can do to drag my ass to work, let alone have the gumption to get myself all gussied up.

Look at that, two old-timey expressions in one sentence... This is a banner day my friends!

So, I humbly request that you hang in their with me while I try to beat this cold/cough, and I hope to get back on my regularly scheduled irregular scheduling of posts.

Pray for me. Seriously. This cough is KILLING me!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Best jeans ever

If you'll bear with me... I know that I went on and on about the Ricki's pants yesterday, but today I am going to rhapsodize about these jeans. I'll explain why I think they are the best evar, and you can take what you want from it.

I feel like, at this point, many of you might be thinking that I am in Ricki's back pocket. And to that I say, I wish... everything I am going on about, I bought with my own moolah, and Ricki's doesn't even know that I exist. Sadly. Sheeit, they don't even have a twitter account, I doubt they do blogger outreach!

But I digress. Back to the pants. For a long time, Torrid has been the only place that I have been able to find jeans that I really liked. And they haven't been replaced or anything (I just bought a pair of boyfriend jeans there that I am in LOVE with... come back and see me Friday, I think they will feature in my Casual Friday post... if not here, then definitely on my Tumblr). Torrid isn't being kicked off the Queen Jean Pedestal I had them on, they are just now co-rulers. Which, if this was a real kingdom, would probably result in bloodshed, but since they are figments of my imagination... well, I'm just going to drop this metaphor now, since I've already taken it WAY too far...

How'd ya like that deep red lippy, huh? I'm spreading my wings...
I'm just going to get into why these jeans are awesome.

  • They fit so well. Look at my ass! JUST LOOK AT IT! 
  • They are a perfect marriage of slim and bootcut. Not too slim, not too flared.
  • They have the perfect amount of stretch. They are comfy to wear, and make me feel... contained? but not so much that they feel like I'm about to be eaten by a boa constrictor.
  • They stay on. Many jeans that I have are always shifting down, and I have to hike them up every 5th step or so. Not these ones. Although, I do give them a tug when I stand up from sitting. They can't help but fall a little in the back when I sit. Which brings me to my only con: when seated, they drop in the back. We're not talking plumbers crack here, but possible whale-tale sighting (if that were my thing, which I won't say they are, or aren't)
  • And all this with NO MUFFIN TOP! *mic drop

I had to wear these jeans today, just had to. But I wanted to still look less casual than casual. If I had my blazer unpacked from winter storage, I would have worn that, but since I didn't, I needed something else to dress up the jeans. I was in a mad rush this morning, so I didn't accessorize like I would have liked to at all, but I did manage to pull this little beaut off. When I bought this peplum top at Additionelle (first worn here) it was on for such a great price that I couldn't pass it up, even though I didn't see myself getting high cost-per-wear out of it. But after seeing peplum tops layered over blouses (more than once) I knew I was going to get more wear out of it. And here it is. Performing exactly as expected. I love it when that happens...

On me: Peplum top AdditionElle (similar below); Jeans Ricki's (as per below); Blouse Old Navy (similar below); Shoes Isacc Mizrahi for Target (similar below).
Business Casual Peplum

Lace peplum top, 25 CAD / Soft dressing collared shirt, 21 CAD / Brooke Barely Bootcut Jean, 82 CAD / Fendi closed toe pumps, 585 CAD / Accessorize pearl bangle, 20 CAD / Juliet & Company studded jewelry, 22 CAD

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Most Perfect Pants Ever

I think I'm in love. With an inanimate object. With these pants...
I am not sure if you've noticed -- even though you are undoubtedly longtime readers of this blog-- that if I've not been wearing a skirt or dress, I've been wearing jeans. Specifically, skinny jeans. Which is fine and all, but I feel like a proper wardrobe requires the inclusion of a pair of pants. Except that I can NEVER find a pair of pants that looks any good on me. They are always saggy in the butt, or too tight across the waist, or gappy in the back, or sloppy on the hips/thighs. Just, in general, not the look I would EVER be going for. Enter, Ricki's. Seriously. Ricki's and I are in the grip of a torrid love affair. I've never felt this way before... about a pair of pants. They are fitted enough to look tailored, but not so tight that they look like jeggings. They have plenty of give in them (I would guess that they are made of heavy ponte, or something like that) and they are cut like jeans, which makes them the best of both worlds. Slant pockets always gap on me, and look like shit. Have I waxed lovingly enough about these pants? I wonder if they come in grey...
Onto the blouse. Here's once instance when marketing worked like a charm. I saw their "10 items 10 ways" poster in the changeroom, and this shirt looked so effortlessly classy on the model that I decided I had to have it, so I could be effortlessly classy too. I also like how its not tucked, but still looks nice. And, it will also look awesome under a blazer or cardi. Love the pattern, and the little touch of gold in the print. Just realise this means I can't wear silver jewelry with it, but fortunately, today, I wore all black jewelry. Oh, and the shoes... I have a LOT of shoes, but no black pumps at a mid height with no platform. These are just awesome.  Pointy toe, atypical strappy stuff going on. Love 'em too...

On me: Blouse Rickis (as per below); Pants Ricki's (as per below); Shoes Charlotte Russe (as per below).
Most Perfect Pants Ever

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Preppy in Stripes

I love doing "Pin to Post" posts. I just find it interesting to see the evolution of an outfit, from the inspiration to what I end up putting together. Often, finding a piece in plus-sizes is the biggest challenge, but since my tastes are running pretty classic lately, I don't foresee that being a big challenge.  This is another of those really serendipitous fashion finds. I saw this post on The Classy Cubicle (I know, I have been springboarding from her a LOT lately, ah well) and I thought, man, love that outfit, but I will NEVER find a striped dress like that. And then, I swear, not a day later, I found it on the Ricki's website. Also having a little love affair with them these days as well. Expect to see a bunch of Ricki's pieces on the blog...

So, the dress, not a fine stripe like hers, and not as bright, but for the Fall, I like my find just fine. Also, I've wintered mine up a bit, with dark tights, and closed shoes, but this is mid-October, and I believe hers was done in early September. Again, the differences add interest, I think.

As for the Ricki's dress, here's my only criticism of it. Its a shift dress, which means that its less shaped than another might be. On the positive side, the dress is cut so that, from the front, your waist is visible, so that's good. However, for me, from the side view, there is no shape to the back. I figure it needs darts (or a belt, as I did here) to be able to see the curve from the back to the butt (let's be frank) and for me, I feel like I really need to see that concave curve in order to not feel dumpy looking. But that's just me.

Other than that, no complaints about this dress. the ponte is nice and thick, but not restricting, and the details (the back zipper, which you can't see under my hair, derp) are nice.

On me: Dress Ricki's (as per below); Blouse Old Navy (comparable below); Tights Unknown (comparable below); Shoes Aldo (as per below); Ring/Earrings/Necklace (as bracelet) Old Navy (comparables below); Belt Reitmans (comparable below).

Striped Ponte Shift Dress

73 CAD -

185 CAD -

26 CAD -

69 CAD -

33 CAD -

52 CAD -

21 CAD -

Friday, October 11, 2013

Not Quite Winter White

Sometimes, I look at my recent clothing choices, and see how much my tastes have evolved. And then, such as in the case of this shirt, I can see how some things you like never change. Banded hem: check. Love a banded hem. Am I the only one? I've said it before and I'll say it again, the banded hem is a wonderful thing. It cleans up the hem of a non-tucked shirt, so it doesn't look schlubby! Best of both worlds, I tells ya. Also, the crossover front here, I have been in love with forever. This is quite a bit of an evolution from the original crossover fronts that I used to love so much, and actually, I probably wouldn't choose to wear a style like that anymore, but this I like. It's the best of the old, made fresh, shiny and new again! I originally bought this in the striped version, but I thought that the white would have more applications. I mean, I could really dress this up quite a bit, I think, with the right skirt...
So, here's my take.

I eschewed, and I do mean eschewed, yellow gold for soooooo long. I mean, I HATED it, and now, I am finding that I don't have enough in my repertoire. Darn it... have to go shopping... Paired this with my beloved leopard print shoes (which I got last year from Target), and thought the gold pieces would look nice in the mix.

Oh, and the nailpolish... I know I am going to rue the day I put it on, once it comes down to worrying it off my nails (damn glitter polish) but I was in the mood for something different, and dark (ish).

AND… let’s not forget that I need your votes for the AdditionElle contest. You don’t have to register, or even look for my entry. It takes 2 clicks. Click here to get to my entry page, and then click vote there, and you’re done-zo. Easy peasy. 

Don't make me beg...

On me: Top Ricki's (as per below); Jeans Torrid (as per below); Shoes Target (comparable below); Bracelet Reitmans (as per below); Necklace Unknown (comparable below); Earrings Reitmans (comparable below); Nails OPI Mariah Carey Collection "Can't Let Go"

Casual Friday

41 CAD -

Medium wash jeans
43 CAD -

Leopard print platform shoes
25 CAD -

Panacea multiple chain necklace
47 CAD -

72 CAD -

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