Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shift-dress love

Its just a season of firsts! First, I throw caution to the wind and wear sleeveless dresses, and then, I try a silhouette that I never would have considered before.

The shift dress.

Given my body type, I figure that I need pieces with a little more structure, but when I tried this on, I really liked it!
I won't lie, my first inclination was to wear a belt with it, to give me a little more shape, but I was stuck on what kind of belt. What darn color of belt to wear with this color of dress? I'm still stumped...

So, I wore it sans belt, and I still really liked the look.

And I got to wear these cool sandals too. I love the lacing detail.

I mean, one of the warehouse guys said that I looked nice. WIN!

Really tried to make the winged eyeliner work, as a nod to the 60s silhouette.

The mirror is cracked! It wasn't me, I swear...

I'm really beginning to have a renewed appreciation for yellow gold. Which means I have to get more into my repertoire. Aww shucks. More shopping. Woe is me...

On me: Dress Old Navy (as per below); Shoes Payless (eons ago); Earrings/Ring/Bracelet Old Navy;

Shift dress love

Old Navy short dress
30 CAD -

Ivanka Trump strap heel sandals
145 CAD -

Ram band ring
3,030 CAD -

Jigsaw gold bangle
24 CAD -

Urban Renewal vintage earrings
19 CAD -

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heat of Summer, Denim and White

I think this is the first time that I've blogged the same shirt, in a different outfit... I could be wrong...
Wore this shirt first here, and loved it. Still love the shirt, but I think less so with this skirt. But I think its the denim skirt.
Styled it this time with all filigree-looking silver pieces, but I have to admit, my first impulse was to put on the necklace from the first outfit. Fighting that turned out OK, I think. I like the silver. And I was always of the mind to wear ring on one hand, bracelet on the other, but I kinda liked the gypsy boho feel of the ring and bracelet on the same hand. I feel like its something that Jessa would wear, and although I am no Jessa, I think I could appropriate a little accessories styling. I think I'll try doing it more intentionally next time, and layer even more jewelry on one hand, and wear rings on the other hand too...
My first impulse was also to throw on capris with this, but I only have denim capris, and the day was supposed to hit over 30°C (that's over 86°F for our American friends). Heat + Humidity + Denim = a very hot, sweaty, sticky, miserable me. To the rescue comes the denim skirt. The hot weather denim substitute!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Last week was hot... so very hot. But I am not complaining. I swore to myself that once Summer FINALLY arrived, I would not gripe about the heat. So I am not griping, I am just sayin'. It was muthatruckin' hot last week. And maxi dresses still seem pretty on-trend this Summer, so when I saw this little lovely in the back of the closet, I threw it on.
I bought it last year at Forever21+, and though I have a fear of overwhelming animal prints (being that I am nearing—if not sitting smack dab in the middle of—the Cougar years), fear of overheating won out, and out the door, and off on my merry way I went.

Wouldn't you know it, I got TONS of compliments on this dress. Have I mentioned my theory that I get the most compliments on the stuff that I don't really dig?

My son's daycare teacher said she loved my dress.

The girl behind the counter at the grocery store said she loved my dress.

I am befuddled, bewildered and bemused. But I'll take it. And I'll move this dress from the back of my closet to the front!

On Me: Leopard Maxi Dress Forever 21+ (last year); Shoes Charlotte Russe; Necklace/Bracelets Unknown


NY Collection maxi dress
45 CAD -

Charlotte russe shoes
37 CAD -

KENNETH JAY LANE bracelet bangle
26 CAD -

KENNETH JAY LANE bracelet bangle
38 CAD -

Reeds Jewelers stainless steel jewelry
42 CAD -

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fruit Salad (Peach & Orange)

Love this easy little dress. The peach color is great for Spring/Summer, and its a throw on piece. Actually, all dresses are kinda easy peasy, amiright? And the neon orange cami/dress is pretty groovy too. I am trying to think of other ways that I can wear it. Any clever suggestions?

Sorry, being a little tart-y in the far right shot; see the sheer panel at the shoulder?

I was told I was looking "very much the muchly" with these jewelry selections. I like how they don't match, per se, but all complement each other.
What do you guys think about the bracelet? I wasn't sure about it, but it went so well with the other pieces that I wore it anyway, and then got lots of positive feedback on it. I am very lucky that my mother-in-law has great taste. She often gets clothes and/or jewelry for me for birthdays/mothers day/christmas, etc, and she picks the most awesome stuff. And she totally has a handle on my style, and the kinds of things that I wear. She gave me the bracelet for Mother's Day, and it seems she knows me better than me!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

For the love of sleeves...

Sometimes, you want to be comfortable, casual, but still have a little zazz to your look. Without the billowing, glorious pintucked sleeves with the gathered cuff, this blouse could be a little blah. Certainly not something that I would feel great about throwing on on one of those mornings where, say, you woke up late, your kid woke up early, you needed to get the h-e-double-hockeysticks out the door because traffic gets exponentially worse with every minute that passes...
I still have reservations about this look, because the blouse isn't quite long enough to be considered a tunic, but I am wearing it as one. It also has the straight hem, which, to my mind, means it should really be tucked in (and I have plans to, one day into a skirt or something). 

But those sleeves... I guess I have a romantic heart under my pragmatic exterior. *sigh* 

On me: Blouse Winners; Jeans Torrid; Wedges Payless (eons ago)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tropical Vacation (in clothing, at least)

I feel like my grey poncho (post here) was really kind to me. But, its a cold weather jobbie, so when I came across this summery chiffon-y poncho while trawling through Winners the other day, I decided to give it a try. Verdict: ✔ 
These jeans are the boyfriend skinny from Old Navy. I think I've come to the realisation that I should stick to Torrid when buying jeans. These are fine, but nothing compares to Torrid jeans for comfort, for me.
Accessorised with some wooden elements. Kinda reminiscent of driftwood that I might come across, as I strolled the beach in my fantasy tropical vacation. 
Haven't been on vacation since 2007, so if I sound a little desperate for one, its because I am. *sigh*

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Frilly, lacey, girly

This was originally intended to be a Pin to Post sort of outfit, but it got really hot, so I had to ditch my denim jacket, and it just ended up being this. That being said, if I hadn't lost the coat, you wouldn't be able to see the lovely frilly sleeve thing happening. I've decided to go for the arms this summer. I don't know if I will be ever seen out in just a tank top and jeans, but if there is something really pretty that requires my arms to show, then I must make it so.

I also have a question for our readers, and you must be out there, so please do weigh in. I figure there are two basic kinds of fashionistas: those who are "label-whores" (as I affectionately call them), who are willing to pay top $ for a designer name; those who are frugal and prefer to pay less for things, and get a thrill from finding something great for a small rather than a big $. Of course there are those that more likely fit into the shades of grey between those two poles, but we can't cover ALL our bases...

So, which one are you?

On me: Dress/belt Forever 21+; (not very old, but I couldn't find online; 2 alternatives below) Shoes Value Village; Earrings H&M (about eons ago); Necklace & bracelet Target

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shop Off Season, Save BIG!

     Even though it is starting to heat up, I am thinking about Fall and Winter. Why? Because it is off season and at the lowest price it will be all year. I find that is the best way to find luxury goods at prices that I can afford. Liked those Lanvin leather gloves? Now 70% off.  Been eyeing that Cashmere Coat? Now 40% off. And on it goes.

     I have rounded up some amazing finds that simply need to be passed on. (Many of them come from Neiman Marcus, who knew!) Enjoy!



     I was going to put a cashmere section in, but I am a week too late. They are back up to regular price. The best time of the year to buy a cashmere sweater is May. They are easily between 50-70% off. What a bargain!

If I spot anymore crazy deals, I will pass them along!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Channelling a modern Audrey

What a difference lighting makes...
I didn't intentionally try to channel Audrey Hepburn, but but I guess I kind of just fell into it. And why fight it, right?  If I had been really thinking about styling it Audrey styles, I would have worn pearls! But I think the crystals look pretty good with it as well!
Picked up this peplum top at Additionelle for a SONG the other day (just happened to go in to spend my VIP rewards dollars on a day that they were having 50% off the last sale price) and I was hesitant, but I am so SO glad I did.
Typically, I don't do sleeveless... I think the last time I was in public without sleeves (aside from the beach) was when I was married... about  6 years ago, in my strapless wedding gown.
But I've been checking out the fashion blogs, and I've been seeing other chicks breaking those "fat girl rules" (cover anything that might not be perfect, among others) and I thought eff it. I'm doing it!

I also really love the clashing of casual with dressy. This top could be black tie, with the right skirt, but I wore it with cuffed crops, and tada!

Had to take some hair shots, because I got many compliments on the bun, so it must have looked pretty good. This is another one of my "30 second updos." So easy to achieve. Maybe I'll post a tutorial on it, its to easy.

Love the really full peplum; 30-second updo. There's a big ugly alligator clip under there!

Almost didn't add this shot, because I didn't want it to seem like a gratuitous boob shot, but I really wanted you to see the lace detail on the shirt!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Look "Mint" for Spring

Blogging is fun again! See, I really wanted to rock the shit out of this blog at the beginning. There are so many blogs that I admire that really look like e-zines more than blogs. And I aspired to that. And I know I could do it, but I discovered that I just don't have the time! So, instead, I am just taking my selfies, fuzzy low-res and all, and posting those. And so, posts happen more often, and that makes me happy.
Sometimes, I guess, you have to just lower your expectations of what you have time to accomplish (not of how great you can look).

I realise that I don't really put a lot out here about me, personally. Is that something that people want to know about? I know when I read blogs, there are those that I get "emotionally invested" in, and those that I just want to see pretty pictures from. I guess my posts are still evolving. Haven't decided yet what my posts will entail. I think I'll just be winging it. Maybe somedays, I'll over share, and you'll feel like you know me, and other days, you'll just get pics.

It's my (co-)blog, and I'll cry if I want to (does that reference make sense to anyone? I am getting older, and that song is even before MY time). Anyway, on to the clothes...

But wait! I forgot I do have a little story to tell about this dress...

See how there is a zipper all the way up the front? I had it unzipped from the top just demurely when I got into the car. Chatted all the way to work for an hour or so with my carpooler, dropped him off, noticed that my lap belt was irritating me, go to adjust it, and see that the zipper has pushed itself down to pretty much that seam across the high-waist.


I hoped against hope that either it happened after my carpooler left, or he just hadn't noticed.

No such luck on either score.

He apparently thought I was just trying a bit of a "sluttier" look.


Good thing he is an old family friend, and we just laughed it off.

Practical advice from this post: Pay attention to your zippers, until you are sure about how they will behave.

On me: Dress Target; Cardi Costco; Shoes Target; Earrings Ebay; Bracelet Old Navy (current, you can still score this one!)

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