Thursday, February 7, 2013

Seeing Red!

     Valentine's Day is quickly upon us. For some, it is the "most romantic day of the year." For others, it is looked down upon like a leaper crawling across the calendar. For me, Valentine's Day is a trifecta of sure things for me. I get: 
a) action between the sheets
b) flowers of some description
c) tasty dessert
Therefore, I like this holiday, as contrived as it may be. 

     I also love the excuse to wear the colour red. It is a powerful colour that looks great on pretty well everyone. From lipsticks to nail polish to figure hugging dresses, red is a tour de force. 

     I also decided to put in a few pictures of the other great loves of my life: my black Cats. If you are looking for some love this season, look to a local shelter to find that special someone. They will warm your heart in ways that chocolate and new clothes never could.

     Here is the rundown of the fabulous merch: (running clockwise starting with the top left heading right.)

5)  Red Keyhole Dress: Cherry Velvet Plus: $185.00 *Made and Designed in Canada by NICE people*

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