Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wee Little Giveaway (Keysocks)

Just something small to start us off.
And its not even curvy-related, its just fashion-related.

Here's the thing. I hate wearing socks with shoes that have a low vamp. I really can't stand having socks showing under my shoes. Which can be problematic in the winter, when its frickin' freezing out.
Enter: Pinterest. Someone posted this pic of these things called Keysocks. Which looked fascinating.

As an aside, I come from a long line of gadget lovers. My grandfather bought many things that came for only 4 easy payments of $XX.xx. Anyone remember Ron Popeil? Well, my grandfather was a friend to him. Not literally, I just meant he probably helped build his empire with all the shit he bought... My mother, also has her fair share of gadgets, gizmos, and doodads. Although hers are more of the cosmetic/fashion variety than, say, a Pocket Fisherman. Shit you don't often find on the shelves of stores. Stuff that you have to call a 1-800 to buy.

So, these Keysocks were like fashiony bits of gadgetry. Here is what their website says about them:

KEYSOCKS are for women and girls to wear with flats or high heels when wearing any choice of pant. This sock is the ultimate solution for keeping your feet warm and comfortable without showing you are wearing socks. There are many benefits to wearing KEYSOCKS.
  • Warmth
  • Prevents blisters
  • Keeps shoes from falling off
  • Helps with half sizes of shoes
  • Stays on your feet unlike footies
COOLMAX wicks moisture + Ultrafresh, offering Anti-Microbial Protection
Once you slip on KEYSOCKS with your favorite flats or heels you will finally experience what women have been waiting for all these years!  

Anyway, obviously I had to buy some. There was a great deal on them, so I purchased a few, and one lucky winner will win a pair of black Keysocks!

Before we get to the "entering" part of today's program, here are some things you should know about my experience with Keysocks:

  • I purchased these, they were not comped to me
  • They are intended to be kneesocks, but depending on the width of your calves, they may not work out that way for you. I have an 18" calf (at the muscle bit) 16" at the part where the band would sit right under the kneecap. These were not generous at the knee, but they were also not cutting off my circulation. If you have wider calves, you can still use these, you just might want to let them scrunch down a little bit. They ARE intended to go under your pants anyway...
  • Personally, I don't feel these delivered on their promise not to show under shoes, BUT I have narrow feet. If you are someone with wider feet, the keyhole would likely stretch out a bit, and not show under your shoes.
  • These are really quite cool, and pretty ingenious if you ask me. 

If you win them, I would really love to get a review from you! I'll post it (credited, of course) on the blog! OK, now, ENTER!

Good luck!

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  1. These look really cool, I hope they actually do what they say!


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