Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day (Lady...that's Red)

The warehouse aisle is like a giant grey concrete runway, no??
Today was almost a write-off, fashion-wise. I managed to get in a shower last night, but slept on wet hair; thought today was going to be a humdinger of a bad hair day. Which in turn meant that it would be the kind of day that I would want to wear a sweatshirt to work.
But, a Valentine miracle happened, and I was up-and-at-'em at 4 am this morning. That sounds INSANE when I say (write) it out loud. I live very far from where I work, so I leave the house at 5:30, but enough of my woeful life. Point is, I was up in plenty of time to do my hair. Just do my hair. Picking out an outfit did not get a piece of that time-pie. Fortunately, I have had this little beaut sitting in the back of my closet since the Bay had a mad sale on dresses back in late November, early December. I got this for a SONG!
Dresses are so easy. Not a lot of coordinating needs to be done, just pick some jewelry and a pair of shoes, and you're solid.
So, this morning, with hair done, and robe on, I remembered this dress, and as it was red, the decision was made. It's Valentines day lovies!
For someone who waiting so long to find something peplum, I think I've worn 2 outfits with it in one week.

And on another note, something else I am really excited about! I think I may have found my location! I've been without a place to take photos at the new office, but I think that our warehouse will work out nicely! Seems to have done the trick today!

Dorothy Perkins Red Peplum Dress

Torrid (my old standby) shoes

In closing, take in the sight of the bouquet that my dear husband
hand-delivered to me at my office today. Yes, I am a lucky gal...

On the right, I tried this pose because I saw a shot of Diane Vreeland posing like that. Well, not really, because she looked great, whereas I just look...odd. I think I missed something in the imitation...

Dress: Dorothy Perkins (via the Bay: no longer available on, similar from Torrid)
Shoes: Torrid (on SALE right now for $14.99)
Necklace: Unknown


  1. Looking very chic in your red peplum dress, photos don't do it justice :)

    1. Thanks! I felt pretty great in it!


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