Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Edge Meets Elegance

     If you know me well, than you can see three things about this post that are so me. Firstly, marabou is high on the list. Secondly, blush pink is a colour that occupies much of my affections. Thirdly: glitter. Glitter, sequins, shiny, sparkly! Oooo! I was lurking on the Kate Spade website when I came across the above marabou bag. I knew I had to blog about it. Moreover, I knew I had to create a delicious outfit that would showcase its' beauty. I thought I would try to juxtapose the high femininity of the pink feathers with the hard edge of a black leather moto jacket. I also coupled the sleek fit of the jacket with the more relaxed boyfriend jean. With the heels added, it brings the ensemble back to its' intended lady like feel. The pieces come from all over the globe, and are available in plus sizes. We have the jacket coming from the United States. So are the boyfriend jeans and the purse and shoes. The blouse hails from the U.K. and chances are everything was made in China. It truly was a global effort to bring this look together. Yay e-commerce!

     The items move from left to right:

1) Black Leather Jacket: Wilson Leather: $279.99 (on sale and Lamb Leather) <---does this make me an asshole?

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