Thursday, February 7, 2013

Club Monaco For the Rest of Us!

     One of my favorite stores to go into look at all the pretty clothes is Club Monaco. This store first opened in Canada under the helm of the right honorable Alfred Sung. However, after years of having the company bounced around, it was sold to Ralph Lauren, making it now an American company. Dang. However, it is still classic with its clean lines and quality fabrics. I love it. 

     However, they only go up to a size 12, making this store off limits for me. Double dang. However, while cruising the site this morning, I came across two dresses that are made in plus sizes by Simply Be! Simply Be is a UK company that has great clothes at very reasonable prices. I cannot speak to the quality, as I have yet to order anything in from them. However, I like what I see. 

     Also, Club Monaco has aurora borealis stone brooches in their stores for $49.50. If you want one, go ahead and save yourself 30 dollars by ordering a vintage brooch on ebay or etsy. Then, it will be one of a kind, better made and on trend. 

     Well, my dears, that is all that I have to report today, apart from the links to the above goodies. 

Dresses Board: Left to Right:

Brooch Board: Left to Right:

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