Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On The Classic Side (white blouse, black tank dress)

Can I talk to you about my first world problems?
Its harder to find the time/photographer than it is to get myself cleaned up everyday. It really is a challenge, especially because I feel like such a dork posing.
I used to watch America's Next Top Model and think that I would KILL at that show (if only I was skinny) but now I know that I would totally freeze up! That shit must be hard!
Of course, maybe if I was a skinnybitch I wouldn't be self-conscious... I feel like there is a chicken-or-the-egg thing that could go on here, but that's too close to philosophy so I'm going to drop this train of thought, in the words of the great Snoop Dogg... like its hot.

I had another outfit planned for yesterday, but it fell really flat. I had this lovely grey leopard print dress in a bit of a vintage cut (wrap bodice, cap sleeve jobbie) and I had SUCH high hopes for it. But, as it turned out, it was too big on me. I usually find that Forever21 dresses are SUPER small. Twice I have tried on dresses that I needed to try a 3X in order for it to not fit like an overstuffed sausage casing (because that look is yet to be big on the runways, but let me tell you, when it is, I will be KILLING it!)
So I bought this dress in a 3x... and wouldn't you freakin' know it... its too big.

So, here's a random tip for full-figured ladies: baggy clothes are not doing you any favours. I would rather see a curvy woman in a well-fitted dress (even a Leger-style bandage dress) than in oversized clothes. Incidentally, I also would recommend Spanx, but that's just me. Gotta keep it toit.

Anyway, went with this little ensemble instead, and I kind of feel like it wasn't being my best friend either, but I was borderline late, SUE ME. They can't all be Oscar winners, some are just Tony's. Now I've probably incurred the wrath of the Theatre Geek faction, but they really aren't that threatening. They would just sing me to death. Probably a decent way to go... what was I saying...?

I could try and deny that the leg shot is only there because it is looking decent, but that would be a lie...

Awwww yaaaaa. The from-above shot... I think this might be the curvy girls best friend.

Flat-iron curls. They are the best for me... they really stay for days.
Yes, I only wash my hair every few days.
Judge me if you will, but I bet my hair is nicer than yours :P

Normally I wouldn't include such a blurry shot, but I haven't
posted an outtake lately, so this one made the cut.
I think that's a guffaw that you see there...
Dress: Addition-Elle (similar here and here)
Blouse: Old Navy (pretty basic)
Belt: Addition-Elle (pretty old)
Shoes: Suzy Shier
Necklace: Some boutiquey jewelry shop in some mall in LA. Wish I could remember the name, because they had a TON of stuff, and for great prices too...

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