Monday, March 4, 2013

Looking Crisp in Black and White


      Hello, my beauties! How is your day? I just accidentally shaved a sizeable chunk off my eyebrows. Damnit! So I am going to be filling them in just a little more for the next few weeks. Dang!
     One thing I have been noticing in the pages of Vogue and in store windows downtown is black and white. Bold use of black and white. Graphic use of black and white. In amazing patterns and a-symmetrical panels and in blocks, it is looking so fresh and put together. I personally LOVE black and white put together. LOVE IT! Be it a polka dot, a check or stripes, I cannot get enough. 

     I know that many plus size women shy away from stripes and prints fearing that it will be unflattering and unappealing on them. Fear not. I have being doing some editing, and I think that I have assembled some pieces that will make you look fashionable and polished. 

   Before we get to that, let's quickly touch on pattern. What size of pattern looks good on a rounded figure? There are two schools of thought. One is: the size of the pattern must match the size of the person. Big girl, big print. I learned this in my image consulting programme.  Tim Gunn, however, thinks that a small print looks just right on a fuller figure. He fears that if the print is too large, it might look a little tenty. 

     I wear both. I have a shift that is white with black polka dots and it features big dots. About the size of a twoonie. I also have a blouse that has much smaller dots on it. For the smaller print, I pair it with a bold cardigan, like a bright yellow or a fuchsia. I also then put a belt around my waist. This gives it structure and makes the blouse fit my shape and not the other way around. As for the dress, it has darting and seaming up the ying yang, so I just pair it with a statement necklace and at times a sweater if it gets chilly. 

     My rule of thumb is that if it is tailored to your figure, it won't look like a tent. Have it taken in, buy dresses with darts or ruching or self belts and you are laughing. Big shapeless panels will make pretty well anyone look like a shapeless panel themselves. Belts are your friend. Simple, chic, streamlined thin belts that are an inch or more in width is perfect. Anything thinner than that is lost in the outfit. Giant belts are to be tucked away this season to make way for their more demure cousin. Don't be afraid to skinny belt it! I do....every freaking day!

Before I sign off, here is "The List"(starting from the far top left, running clockwise)


Love Your Body!


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  1. OMG, I want that rose-patterned skirt... too bad its way out of my budget.


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