Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So much grey for being on the cusp of Spring...

Squinty McGee... How do real models shoot in the sun?
 Its OVERCAST here!!
Well, I had totally planned to wear my new killer Addition Elle dress on Monday... and then my alarm didn't go off. So, instead, I threw on this outfit. But, fear not, the Dress will make an appearance soon enough. In case you were worried...

What is this anyway, a cape? A poncho?Capes were huge not too long ago. But I don't know if you are going to find that many of them out in the stores now. Ponchos on the other hand, are still on the scene in a big way. I purchased this bad boy at Sears. Its a Jessica.

I think it was ridiculously on sale too... This through-belted poncho thing I see all over the place now though.  And I think, if I do say so myself, that it can be quite flattering. I wore this to a party recently, and someone asked me if I had lost some weight. Sadly no weight loss, but gladly, the sweater/poncho is very flattering! To bring it back into relevancy a little, in case the cape-ness of it is a bit dated, I've paired it with my yellow statement necklace. Yellow, hot for Spring 2013, statement necklaces, hot right now. I love how a simple statement necklace can totally elevate a look. It sure did for this one.

In terms of other looks with this belted-through/poncho feature, here are three from Addition-Elle (topmost in my mind, because I was there most recently) that are great options for Spring. Clicking on the image will take you to their place on the site. The last one is intended to be a cover-up I think, but its so gorgeous, I think I might buy it and wear it as a dress with a simple tank dress underneath. 

Aaaaaaaand, back to me:

Yellow statement necklace, cobalt nails, hot pink lips. Color, anyone?
Glasses, or no glasses? Passes? Or no passes?

Dang. There's a whole lotta grey going on here...

Poncho: Jessica, for Sears
Jeggings: Torrid
Boots: Torrid (similar)
Necklace: eBay


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