Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What to Wear...Wedding Guest Edition

     I was having high tea with my husband this weekend and we saw our first bride and her entourage hustle across the lobby to their waiting limos. It dawned on me that Wedding Season is upon us. As soon as we see the crocuses, it means that many Brides and Grooms are scrambling to get their Save-the-Dates out the door and into our hands. What does that mean for the Plus Sized Guest? A scramble for a dress! There are so many "rules" and customs that it is damned difficult to come up with an outfit that is beautiful and won't raise eyebrows of critical elderly guests. The two most basic tenants are 1) Don't wear white and 2) Don't wear black. The white rule is written in stone. Don't even think about it. However, some guests are sneaking in some black dresses these days. However, all the dresses I will be showing will be colourful or in the very most feature very little black in them. Here are my guidelines for dressing for a wedding:

1) You think you are fat? So what! Look fabulous no matter what size or shape you are.

2) Don't under dress. The Bride and Groom have gone to a lot of effort and expense to put on a good show. Stow away all capris, jeans and shorts. I don't care if it is a beach wedding or a backyard affair. Let's put in some effort to show or support

3) Don't over dress. Don't wear a ballgown, unless strictly asked to. This is the Bride and Groom's day. Let's respect their big chance to shine. 

4) Use this as an excuse to buy something new, fun and flattering. 

5) Fascinators are dead. Let them lie. 

6) Wearing a beautiful dress? Don't bring a ratty old purse/scuffed shoes/casual jacket. It will take so much away from the polish of your ensemble. 

7) Wear beautiful shoes, but if you can't even walk two feet in them, it will look rather comedic. Opt for something pretty but wearable. Remember, kitten heels were just on the runway! They are back!

8) Don't dress like a 'ho. This isn't club night. If your skirt or dress doesn't cover your bum when you stand or sit down, save it for parent-teacher night. *I kid.*

9) And finally, don't cut infront of the bride as she is walking down the aisle. I had to add this because not one but TWO people cut me off as I was walking towards the front on my wedding day. WTF!! If you are running late, wait for the bride and her procession to make it to the front. 

Enough pointers! Let's get to the fashion!

Formal Wedding: = Cocktail Dresses

The Edit: Left to Right:

1) Adrianna Papell Dress: Lucy: $269.99 CAD (This is an online and a brick and mortar store in Langley, B.C.)

I personally vote for the Kiyonna dress. It is at a great price point, it is very very flattering and it comes in several colours. It is fit and flare and has a nude panel in the upper bodice that covers any bra straps that might show through. I also own it. Thumbs up all around. Do the Asos dress only if your legs are not model long. We don't want it to look too "alluring." ("Alluring" is stylist code for inappropriate)

Semi Formal Wedding = Pretty Day Dress

The Edit: Left to Right:

     I have heard nothing but good things about the Adrianna Papell dress from the fine folks at Lucy. At their brick and mortar store, it flew off the shelf and looked good on everyone. However, E-Shakti is having a BOGO right now until March 20th. Buy One Get the Second at 50% off. 

Backyard or Beach Wedding = break out the cottons and maxi dresses!

The Edit: Left to Right:

3) Rachel Pally: Neiman Marcus: $282.00 (Neiman Marcus uses straight size models to hock their wares. Pretty Lame.)

     If you have an amazing strapless bra, I would encourage you to check out the above Rachel Pally dresses. However, if your strapless bra is dodgy, then feel free to snap one up that offers bra strap coverage. 

Good luck and happy hunting!

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  1. Love this. I could have TOTALLY used this, not a year ago. I had the HARDEST time finding a dress that I felt was appropriate to the occasion. And I love that there are some tips here that some skinnybitches that could really use too!


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