Monday, March 11, 2013 February 2013 February 2013; Pure & Simple Privé box
So, I guess, technically, I won! See, this month, there was this option with TopBox to pick a special box. When I got the email, I eagerly went on the site, and picked out of the 5 or so options that were available. Then, I saw on the interwebs, that if you got that special box, you weren't getting those items in addition to the regular TopBox items for the month, you were getting those items instead. So, instead of getting 4 items that are typical to the TopBox monthly haul, I only got two. February 2013; Regular box
As soon as I read that, I KNEW that I was going to get the "special" TopBox, simply because I would prefer to get 4 items than 2. The one I chose was a blush and a nailpolish. And I got to pick the shade as well. But, I was having a brain-glitch at the time, and I accidentally picked a random shade. But that's cool, I like the shades that I got. China Glaze nailpolish in Purr-fect Plum, and a Pure & Simple blush. I quite like the blush, because its a smidge darker than anything I currently have. I also quite like it because a little goes a LONG way. I did your typical fingertip swatch, and it was too much for one cheek. Which means this is going to last quite a while. Which I dig! However, the pan has already fallen out of the case. Bummer, because this makes it more likely to shatter, but I can glue it in I guess...
And, China Glaze is a brand that I have almost none of, so I am pretty pleased to add another China Glaze to my little nail polish family.

Now, the regular TopBox, I have pics of as well, as my co-worker has signed up for TopBox too. I think I would have been pretty satisfied with that one as well. I really would have gone for the mask, the Marc Jacobs perfumes were really nice, and the little case would make a fantastic change purse! My lovely co-worker gave me one of the perfume samples, it was Daisy. And it smelled fantastic! She also gave me one of the hair oils as well (I'm pretty lucky).

Now, online research has shown me that there was a Benefit TopBox that I could have signed up for, and I would have WAY preferred to get one, as there was like, 5 or 6 items in it from Benefit. I don't know WTF happened, but all I know is, I am going to read my emails a lot more closely from now on. No more skimming...


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