Friday, March 8, 2013

Look Chic In Fashions From Your Local Mall!

     What a pain in the patootie. You have a impromptu night out planned and frankly you didn't plan it a month in advance so you couldn't get something new from Asos. What is a girl to do? Well, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for you ladies. Yes, we can look FOXY with stuff from a mall! Not only that, but the pieces are very well priced. And I don't say that in a condescending and erudite voice. I genuinely mean these finds are pretty cheap and readily available. Moreover, I found something from Penningtons. I am just as shocked as you are! But it turns out, if you are looking for a dress in a pinch, give them a peruse. However, step away from the shapeless jackets!

Here is look number one:

Everything here is easily found in a Canadian mall. The dress is from Penningtons and is $60.00.
The necklace and clutch are from Forever 21 and the shoes are from Aldo at $100.00. The great thing about this dress is that a) you can pop the collar b) it is fit and flare. Fit and flare creates a wonderful hourglass shape and tends to tame a tummy. The accessories are trendy and fun and are highly disposable coming in at $35.80 for the clutch and $12.80 for the necklace. I went with a longer necklace to create a longer neck. The less we put as visual obstacles on the line from the chin to the chest, the more streamlined our neck will look and minimize chins. However, I often tell that rule to go and suck eggs, as I wear crystal encrusted bib necklaces all the damned time. Next!

        Now, I agree with you. The above outfit needs a belt. But good luck finding a plus size belt in a mall that isn't ugly and/or nylon. So, I assume that you have one. Maybe even this one. Failing that, a simple black skinny belt will work. The cute black and white striped shirt is from the Bay and it rings in at $51.75. The pants actually have some natural fibers in them and are on sale for $40.00 at Reitmans. I decided to reuse the clutch and shoes from the above post for I want to get your cost per wear down! Then you can justify ANYTHING! Even Vuitton. Back on Earth however, we have a necklace from Forever 21 at $7.80. What a deal! 

     Back to the same Aldo shoes, and we are at $33.33 at cost per wear in just 3 outfits! I paired them with what Old Navy likes to call this a dress, and what I like to call a long tunic. The black and white blocking is on trend and looks so chic. So chic for how much? $36.94! Wow! The bag is $41.80 and is cow-free, where as the necklace is $10.80 and both are from Forever 21. The leggings are from Reitmans and come in at $36.00. All of the Reitmans garments shown are from their plus line. The Old Navy dress goes up to a XXL, which fits me at a 20W. I would love to have this dress, and I am currently plotting to go to the mall to snap it up. Pair this with a red or orange lip and you are laughing. 

     Well, there you have it, folks! Three cheap and chic looks available across Canada at any old mall. It goes to show that regardless of what your preconceived notions of the store are, there can still be some good finds to be had any and everywhere!

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