Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sheer Madness!


     Like so many women, I like to show off my legs and my arms. I don't have the legs of a Victoria's Secret model, but you know what? Neither do they. They are photoshopped up the ying yang. So, I shrug my shoulders and get on with feeling the sun on my bare skin. My thoughts are that on one's deathbed, one isn't going to wish that they covered themselves up more and felt guilty and ashamed about their body. They are going to wish that they felt the kiss of the elements on their flesh. For those of you that need some coaxing, I present to you a perfect primer....sheer! It gives you the coverage you feel comfortable in, yet it shows some skin. It is also ultra sleek and makes limbs look long and sultry. 
I present to you the cream of my finds....the best pieces that have risen to the top and would love to go for a spin with you!

1) This Vince Camuto dress ($128.83 CDN at Bloomingdale's) is just the ticket for a gal who has been itching to show some leg. The inside skirt is just above the knee and the sheer panel takes the line from knee to ankle. It looks glamourous and elevated and has a columnar effect on the wearer. One can pair it with heels, like the image provided or with sandals if one wants to dress it down. 

2) Cult of California is by far and away one of my favorite labels. The designer, Jen Wilder, is a dedicated soul that sees bringing quality, on-trend plus size fashions to all as a labour of love. Cult of California is not only designed but made in the United States. This dress is a perfect fun and flirty Spring to Summertime dress. This dress will do wonders to balance out a fuller bottom half as the top half has volume via the batwing sleeves. It also nips in at the waist, making it figure flattering for pretty well every body type. This comes in at the amazing price of $75.00. You simply cannot find prices like that on dresses that are made in the States!

3) Manon Baptiste does it again. This is a beautiful dress for the woman that likes to show the tiniest hint of skin, but looking polished whilst doing so. The sleeves are made of 100% silk, which is a wonderful touch of luxury on this simple but chic dress. This dress is available on Navabi for $127.90 CDN. 

4) The final dress is a master class in plus size body confidence. It calls for a strapless or a clear strap bra, in addition to being well above the knee and a body con fit. This dress would be so fun to wear for a night on the town, but probably not for general office wear. Files would be dropping all over the place and creepy people with leering eyes would be asking you to pick up pencils for them. The ruching details throughout the dress smooth out all sorts of dimples and bumps that might pop out. This is dress is $72.09 at Macy's. 

     Well, there you have it, folks. Dresses running from reasonably conservative to downright h-o-t! Wear them with a smile and with confidence! 

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