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My last Glossybox post wasn't that timely, so here I am, not 10 minutes after opening my box, and I am penning a post. And testing the Too-Faced Lip Injection Extreme lip plumper. That's the only one I will be able to give some kind of feedback on...

So, without further ado... the box:

January 2013 Glossybox

And here is what we got this month. I'm going to list them in the order in which I was most pleased to see them in the box... did that sentence make sense? I'm counting down from most-liked to least:

Too-Faced Lip Injection Extreme
Too-Faced's Lip Injection Extreme. Liked this mostly because its actually a premium brand. But, lemme tell you, its wee. Its about the size of my pinkie. I tested it, and the pics will follow at the end of the post.

B.Kamins body lotion and lip balm
Quick reaction: smells nice, and not too in-your-face (or up-your-nose) and not greasy at all, absorbs well. Didn't try the lip balm yet, as the Lip Injection is still on.

Nivea Lip 
I can always use another lip balm.

Burts Bee's Milk & Honey Body Lotion
And another body lotion...

Wella mousse
Don't really go for mousse. There's an inherent crunch factor with mousse that I am not keen on. We'll see how this one works. 

Beauty So Clean cosmetic sanitizer wipes
These are interesting, but perhaps I am a ditchpig... I don't see the need for them.

So, all in all... I think this might be the last Glossybox for me. They sort of seem to be sending out the same stuff...lip gloss/balm...body lotion... I can only use so much, even of the sample size. I think I wanted more cosmetics. Maybe I'll give it one more month to see.

Anyway, here's the road test of the Lip Injection Extreme:

I have to say, I don't think it plumped up my lips much... Perhaps caused the wrinkles to fill out a little. It smelled great, and didn't "burn" too badly, nor for too long. I don't even think I can say that it made my lips go any pinker. Feels good on though!

As for what's coming... I haven't posted an OOTD in a while, and its because I've still been unpacking from the office move, and redecorating my cubicle. I'll post pics of that. I was dissapointed to have been downgraded to a cubicle, from an office, so I thought I would make lemonade out of lemons, and I decorated the crap out of my cubicle. Its pretty rad if I do say so myself! So, that will likely be the next post out of me, I am not sure what Elizabeth has up her sleeve.

Until then...

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