Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Spring Style

     Ah, Spring! It is so close, yet so far away. Very far away! I have decided to cast of the shackles of fat oppression and wear whatever I damn well please. I am in my early 30's and I want to make the most of  living out my sartorial dreams before I am labeled "mutton dressed as lamb." This Spring, I am going to be stepping into a tea length tulle skirt from Etsy. I know that it is a detour from my usual warm weather staple: the maxi, but hey! YOLO. Gross, I cannot believe I just typed that. But, it is true. The only downside to wearing a shorter skirt is that I will have to shave my legs. Boo!

     Apart from shaving my legs, I will be mixing up the ethereal skirt with blue collar chic via the white t shirt and the denim jacket. I will top off the outfit with a bit of, well, quite a bit of sparkle compliments of J Crew. Until those turkeys start making plus, I will be relegated to wearing just their jewelry. But, I love their necklaces, so I will keep snapping them up. What will you be wearing this Spring?

     Before I sign off, I will give you a quick rundown of the items of the outfit starting with the skirt on the top left hand corner and moving towards the right:

Skirt: Dark Pony Designs
T-Shirt: Lands End
Denim Jacket: Old Navy
Statement Necklace: J Crew

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