Monday, January 14, 2013

Come on Spring!

Doesn't this color scream "Spring" at you?
Wishful thinking, I know. But this past Friday was so nice and mild, that I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to post an OOTD using this dress. Sadly, I was struck down with a bug, and I didn't wear it to work on Friday, but on the plus-side, my Sunday Night Scramble (you know, where the start of the week is looming, and you need to prepare for it) was lessened in severity because I already had an outfit all planned out!

On the negative side... its freezing today. And rainy... hence the lovely frizz on my ends. Ah well, warts and all.

The green of this dress is so springy, and it keeps me optimistic. One day, flowers will bloom, and the grass will be a lovely green carpet beneath my feet. Speaking of feet... whattaya think of these bad boys? I've wanted a pair of cheetah/leopard (can't really tell the difference) for so long, and now they are mine!! And for dirt cheap too... now I can move on to my obsession with a pair of bright yellow shoes.

Dress: Target 
Shoes: Target (on sale...hurry!)
Necklace: before I started keeping track
Bracelet: gift

Animal print is the new neutral. So says I... so it must be true.

I think this is what they call jersey-knit, yes? Which, based on the reality TV show, I would think would mean a knit with high hair, and low standards of personal decorum.

Didn't realise these would become sort of a standard way to close out the posts, but there are always just so MANY of them...

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