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Let me just open with "better later than never"... although, perhaps not with this post. So, its mid-January, and I just posting the Glossybox December. I will say that I have some good reasons though.
First, I didn't receive it until I got back from my Califormia vacation, and then I had some sh!t to take care of, being that I had been gone for almost 2 weeks. But, I am now ready to share pics, and initial reactions. Unlike my last Glossybox post, I haven't even had a chance to try these things yet.

Here goes:

I will post these in order from most to least liked.

First up: Glossybox. Again, haven't used them, but I figure you can't go TOO wrong with false eyelashes, and I do like the style. I don't have any super-full falsies like that. Look forward to trying them

Very full lashes. Good addition to my current collection.
4 beauty marks out of 5. And I only didn't give it a full 5, because I haven't tried them yet.

Next:  Avon Silver Foil lip gloss. This is where the controversy is with this months box. Some industrious Glossies must have dug a little deeper, and discovered that this shade has not been in production since 2005... I don't see how that can be, since I tried it, and it seemed fine. I actually like this one quite a bit. Its nice because its completely clear,  which in itself gives your lips some shine, but then there are silver bits of glitter that amp the shine up, but in a really subtle way. I dig it.

Avon Silver Foil lip gloss. Discontinued since 2005? Perhaps. Nice and shiny gloss? Definitely.
5 beauty marks out of 5. 

Revlon Matte Suede Nailpolish in Ruby Ribbon. Always happy to add another bottle of polish to my collection. Never had beef with Revlon's formula, and I dig that this is a matte finish. The color is a nice deep burgundy as well, which should be nice over the rest of the winter season.
Decent brand, good color, nice finish.
4.5 beauty marks out of 5.

Aveeno Active Naturals Ultra-calming Daily Moisturiser, with SPF-30.
Not jumping up and down over this, since I have a Kiehl's moisturiser that is doing me just fine, but I' happy to have it as a back-up. The only Aveeno stuff I've used in past has been the baby stuff, and it seemed like quality, so I'd say this is a good find in the Glossybox.

As of yet unused, but just for the reputation of the brand alone, I give it
4 beauty marks out of 5.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.
Lots of moisturizer in this box. I might be more thrilled if I used it a lot, and needed more, but that's not GBs fault. Pleased to have another tinted moisturizer to be my backup when my Smashbox one is gone.

Tinted moisturizer; nice for when you want an even finish, but not a face full of foundation.
4.5 beauty marks out of 5
Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner samples.
Again, not thrilled, but, not because of the product as much as I already have it. Used it the other day. Not an exciting find in the box, and at its core, kind of the antithesis of the point of Glossybox (high-end samples).
Comme ci comme ca. A fine shampoo (although it wasn't like it was a miracle in a bottle on my ends or anything).
3 beauty marks out of 5. This factors in the "oh goody goody" that was evident (or not, as the case may be) when it was unboxed.

Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo. Won't even use this. I already have a bottle, and I don't like its performance. *sad face* But, if you are like me (very thick, very long hair that takes FOREVER to dry) and you don't like to wash your hair overmuch, and strip out all the oils, try Oscar Blandi dry shampoo in THIS format. Sprays are really no good.  The powder kind that you deposit right on your scalp (where the oil is) works the best.
1 beauty mark out of 5, and that's just cuz it feels wrong to give out none. However, I don't find this works at all, Really, it deserves a 0...

And the "bonus" item: Nobia Earrings. 

OK. I am not going to sugar coat this. 

These earrings are garbage. I was so disappointed  because when I read that all Glossies were getting a pair of earrings, I was so excited! I love earrings (more on that later). But these? These are not even Dollar Store quality. First, as you can see, they arrived broken. The "stone" on one fell off, and is no where to be found. They were the kind of quality that I would expect out of one of those eggs that you get out of the vending machines that you put a quarter in... Really not what I was expecting. Its plastic that has been painted silver. I am not saying that this is representative of all of Nobia's stuff, but these were a big disappointment.

0 beauty marks out of 5. The quality was appalling low.

So, I've put my name on the wait list for because I've heard that, although they offer only 4 items, they are premium brands, and they are only $12 a month (I think). We'll see what happens with next month's Glossybox. Unless it knocks my socks off, I might jump ship.

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