Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Work it!

One of my dear friends is starting a new job where for the first time she has to dress professionally. The good thing is that there are plenty of tasty choices out there for the discerning working woman. I found a few great pieces made just for the fuller figure. If you are on the working gear hunt, I would check out Talbots, for they have 75% wool pants, blazers and skirts.

I chose basic black as a building block for a working wardrobe. It is a solid place to start, especially when you are unsure of the workplace culture. You can't get the "inappropriate talk" when you are in crisp white and elegant black.

The details start from top left and work their way clockwise....enjoy!

1) Swarovski Clip Earrings (Because not everyone has their ears pierced!)
2) Zizzi Buttonless Blazer
3) Charlotte Street Bag by Kate Spade
4) Manon Baptiste Sheer Short Sleeved Blouse
5) Red O.P.I. nail polish
6) Black Wool Trousers by Pendleton 
7) Black Pencil Skirt by Yppig (no typo!)
8) Black Leather Flats by Corso Como
9) Black Tie Knit Dress by Eshakti

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