Saturday, January 26, 2013

Star Struck

     Gentle readers, why this is a trend I do not know. Perhaps I don't get it because I am on the other side of 30 and my Friday nights are comprised of going out for pho and watching my husband play "Jet Set Radio." However, it is here and I thought I would chat about it. I have been seeing space print clothes everywhere! Top shop, Asos and the like all have us seeing stars. If you would like to jump on this trend, have no fear. We have your hook ups. If you want to wear it loud and proud, we have the shirt, compliments of Asos and the dress, from Domino Dollhouse. If you want to add a hint of it to your everyday wardrobe, we have the items in the middle for your consideration. If you are taking an Astronomy class, sit up close to the prof and wear with pride for extra credit. 

     Starting from the left and working to the right:


PS: Do you like my 90's era clip art? I thought you might!

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