Friday, January 18, 2013

Spring Trend: Stripes!

All of the above garments are in Plus Size!
How exciting this that?
I will list off the Stores starting with the top left, going in a clockwise fashion.
1) Striped Skirt: Eloquii
2) Striped Shirt: Eloquii
3) Striped Dress: Manon Baptiste for Navabi
4) Striped Dress: Old Navy
5) Striped Wrap Dress: Maria Severyna on Etsy
6) Striped Dress: Donna Rico at Nordstrom
7) Striped Cut Out Dress: Monif C. 
8) Strapless Striped Dress: Eloquii

Early Spring is made fresh and fun by crisp stripes. Let's put old and negative ideas about avoiding stripes to rest. Step outside of the "rules" and find a new look!

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