Sunday, December 30, 2012

Color Whisper (I love new cosmetics)

Maybelline Color Whisper
left: Petal Rebel; middle: Lust for Blush; right: Rose of Attraction
Its probably no secret to those who know me, that I am a makeup kind of girl.
I come by it honestly; my mother is a big time fan of cosmetics. I didn't really get into them until fairly later in my adolescence. Since I was a "rocker" in high school (proto-emo, to some) my makeup consisted only of black eyeliner and very matte red lips. It wasn't until graduating year that I was introduced to MAC by a dear friend (who was decidedly NOT a rocker).
I pretty much never did drugstore brands until I started watching beauty gurus on youtube and saw that some of them can be fantastic quality. I know the first time I saw a review on Wet N' Wild, I literally snorted, since my personal previous experience with them resulted in the opinion that it was pretty much talcum powder with no pigment. But, they must have improved their formula in the years that I was worshipping at the altar of MAC because when I tried a palette, I was blown away.

Oh, right, this post isn't supposed to be about MAC, or Wet N' Wild, or eyeshadow at all actually...

But it is about drugstore products. Some that I really like. I really like stuff that works great, but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This new product the Color Whisper by Maybelline totally fits that bill.
I am not that big of a lippy girl. I never remember to reapply, and usually its gone by midmorning. But I really go for very moisturising and natural looking color. Like, your lips but better. I think there is even an acronym for that floating around the interwebs...

While here in LA, I, completely by chance, came across an ULTA, which, for our fellow Canadians who may not know, is a beauty superstore of sorts. Hair and makeup products as far as the eye can see.

I could pretty much kill a good few hours in there.

I picked up a few items while I was in there, as I mentioned in my previous post, and a few of them were this Color Whisper (CW) by Maybelline.

When I heard about the Lip Butters (LB) from Revlon, I was all over them, and loved them. Took a drive over the border to stock up on some. They are always delayed release in Canada. I haven't seen too much about the CW, so I can only assume they are fairly new.

So, without further ado, the pics. First I am posting natural lips, then the Hard Candy tinted balm, then the 3 CW colors, and then, for comparison the Lip Butters.
top: natural; bottom: Hard Candy (Vampire Bite)
Color Whisper
top: Petal Rebel; middle: Lust for Blush; bottom: Rose of Attraction

Revlon Lip Butter
top: Creamsicle; Candy Apple
So, I'm no Michelle Pfieffer in the lip department, nor do I have the best camera, but I hope that you can still get a sense of these colors.
I've included the shots of the Lip Butters so you can see how much more dense the colors are. Its a creamier formulation and far more opaque than the Color Whisper. The CW feels great on, with no significant scent. The color range of CW is extensive, with 20 different shades.

I think that for me personally, if I had to choose, I would pick the CW, but that's only because I prefer a lighter, more sheer color.


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  1. I love the Cw Lust for blush and will have to pick one up!


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