Sunday, December 9, 2012

IGIGI for the Holidays!

     One tie that binds us all in the North American Office Worker’s experience is the Annual Holiday Party. Or “Office Piss-Up”, depending on how you look at it. Whether it is held in the kitchenette, boardroom, local casino, neighbourhood restaurant or area hotel, the same drama is attached. Will _____ shave her legs? What does _____ look like with a comb through her hair? I hope _____keeps his hands to himself! Will _____get sick in the copy room again? Well, to answer one of the above questions, I DID shave my legs, thank you very much. 

I had been looking for a solid excuse to wear my new Minnelli SequinSkirt from Igigi. That is how much I was looking forward to wearing this skirt. I signed up for spending 4 extra hours of my time with a bunch of people I avoid eye contact with if I see them on the bus.  I am an 18/20, so the 14/16 fit quite nicely. Igigi makes their clothes nice and roomy, so a size down is a good idea. When I first took it out of the box, the skirt fit a bit big, however, I quickly remedied that situation by rediscovering Cadbury’s. I wore a Marks and Spencer square necked knit top with it and a David Meister belt. Well, the belt came attached to a David Meister dress. Good enough. The best part of the belt? The underside proudly states that it is made in West Germany.  Dead stock, perhaps?

     The evening went well. The skirt was very easy to wear in that it was comfortable and made me feel pretty. It was well lined, so that the plastic, itchy sequins dare not graze my skin.  At 5’6, the skirt hit me at mid knee and skimmed my legs nicely.  I recommend wearing this piece to any holiday occasion for it has give….especially needed in those heavenly instances of having a chafing dish of buttermilk mashed potatoes put in front of you.  I give the skirt full marks for it was not only designed, but made in the U.S.A., and it is of good quality. I also give the above mentioned potatoes full marks, too.  Martha has a recipe. Check it out.
Shirt: Marks and Spencer 18UK
Belt: David Meister 2X
Skirt:  IGIGI 14/16
Coat: Vintage
Shoes: Vintage

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