Friday, December 28, 2012

OOTD: Visit to the aquarium

top right: cuff detail; bottom left: empire-waist tie detail
A little OOTD post for you. I've been so lax in the posting department. I blame the holidays. We took a little day trip out to the aquarium today, and this is what I wore. I apologise for the weaksauce photographs, but I don't have a great camera with me right now, and the iPhone doesn't do so great without natural light.
The shirt is very very old, probably at least 5 years. I bought it at H&M to wear out for my bachelorette... I have 2 toddlers now. Times have changed, but at least I know I bought a shirt that has lasted.
I love the gathered cuff, which I think I didn't captured very well, and the tie at the back. Empire waists are a lovely thing for me, especially since my waist is SO high. A seamstress was measuring me once, and she measured and remeasured, then remarked at how short-waisted I am. It's probably borderline carnie-freak...

The jeans are the Torrid Broadway Ankle Zip Stiletto Jeans. I really like them, as they are on the shorter side, so they don't break at all at the ankles, and they are nice and snug, and stay that way. With every other pair of  jeans I own, they fit perfectly right out of the dryer, but get saggy in the arse and thigh after a few hours of wear. These do not do that at all.

Rapid (ShoeDazzle)
The boots, which you can't really see because of the terrible photography are my new favoured pair: Rapid from ShoeDazzle. I am a big fan of heels. I know a lot of people love their ballet flats, and I do have a pair or two that occasionally make it into the rotation, and sometimes not even by default (because I know I'll be doing a lot of walking), but I don't really like them on me. I don't like what ballet flats do to my legs (they stumpify them... there, I said it). But these boots, I adore. Partly because they are pretty on-trend right now (just Google Kate Beckinsale, and odds are she will be wearing a knee-high pair similar to these), and partly because they are just so comfy. I looked high and low for a pair of moto boots at a brick-and-mortar store that had the look I wanted for the price I wanted, and I couldn't find it. I resisted buying from ShoeDazzle, I think because I thought the shipping was too high, but, in the end, I figured it was worth it to get exactly what I wanted.

I haven't been wearing much make-up lately, but I've included this shot of my cat-eye (or winged eyeliner) that I pulled off today. I am far too young to have eyelids as crepey (that's a nice word for wrinkly) as I do, which, in combination with my hooded eyelids, makes the cat-eye look quite challenging to do on my eyes. But, I used a new $1 e.l.f liquid eyeliner (cheap + functional = spectacular in my books) and it worked really well!
Winged eyeliner

I promise more posts to come soon, hopefully more OOTD, but at the very least, a haul post. I've cleaned up here. Target has really been very good to me. 
Also, fell into an Ulta, and in the struggle to escape its clutches, I came away with some Maybelline Color Whisper lipsticks, and the Cat-eye (I'm a sucker for it) Mascara from Maybelline. Will review in depth later.

Top: H&M from ages ago
Jeans: Torrid Stiletto skinnies

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