Friday, December 14, 2012

Mascara Match-Up Mayhem Day 5

     Well, dearest readers, we are here at our final installment of the Mascara Match-Up Mayhem Series. We are reviewing Chanel's latest effort, Le Volume de Chanel. I had high hopes for this mascara, because I have a soft spot for the brand. I wore Chanel gloss and lipstick on my wedding day and I am so glad that I didn't use this product that day. 

     If you are shooting for a Drag Queen "just figuring out how much eye makeup is too much eye makeup" look, you have hit the nail on the head. The ad copy claims that one will have "instant volume and intensely lush colour in a single stroke." Well, if by instant volume you mean so much product hanging off your lashes, it looks like you have been crying tar, than yes. Do you remember when you first started using mascara and inevitably would put on way too much via 50 strokes of the wand per eye? This gives you that "intense" look after 3 strokes. Comically "intense". It looked like I had wolf spiders with beefy calves tangled around my eyes. It also dries to a hard cement like substance. I am curious how it will be washing it off. Maybe it was so thick because it was fresh out of the box? I am not sure. 
     What I do know is that I am not a big fan and that for the first time in my history of wearing makeup, I wanted to wash this product off, and right quick. (For the record, I have tried on green sparkled eyeliner and electric blue eyeshadow in my early 30's and this was more offensive.) The only reason it is staying on is a) I am very lazy and b) I want my Husband to get a kick out of this eye spackle before I have to start chipping it off. The pictures really don't come close to capturing the horror that is this product. 

     I went into this week thinking that the Diorshow or Chanel product would come out victorious and that I could continue lining my makeup bag with luxe brands, this time self righteously so. Turns out, Maybelline's "The Falsies Volum' Express Flared" is the best mascara out there for my needs. I have seen it on sale for $5.00 CDN a tube, making it a very accessible product. Coming in at second is "They're Real" by Benefit at a less accessible $29.00 CDN. However, if you need Tammy Faye Baker eyes in a pinch, you cannot go wrong with Chanel. 

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