Saturday, December 22, 2012

High-Low for the Holidays!

     Happiest of holidays to you all! I write all the way from warm and sunny Tucson, Arizona this week. Well, for the next two weeks, actually. Annually, my family boxes up all the kids and presents and lingering cough due to colds and plants us firmly in the desert. I love it here. Warm sun, pool, spa, javelinas and cheap tacos. Not to mention Last Chance. If you have never heard of or been to Last Chance, allow me, gentle Reader to flesh it out for you. Last Chance is Nordstrom's Outlet Outlet. It is wall to wall freak-a-delic bargain. Last year, I bought a pair of Bailey Button Uggs and a two freaking Adrienna Papell dresses for under $100.00 USD. God Bless 'Merica! I have also heard rumours of Kate Spade bags hiding out for $50.00 USD. I will keep you posted.
     Another gift that the States has is Target. Where else can you buy panties in a bag, Ben and Jerry's, a box of Jason Wu ornaments and find a used tampon in the change rooms all in one place? Yesterday, I bought an emergency bathing suit and this high-low skirt. I refuse to write "hi-lo"....I just do. I have a student loan the size of a small African nation's GDP and I will not cheap out on words or sell out my education. However, I will cheap out on this was $ 19.99 USD. I bought it in an XXL, and it fit my 18W frame quite nicely. After the oink fest that is the coming week, it will accomodate my 20W body, too. Thank goodness it has an elastic waistband. Being 5'6, the front hem of the skirt hits me a few inches above the knee, a perfect length for my tastes. The longest part of the hem grazes my ankles and isn't long enough to yet pulled by my heels. I like how it skims my curves, and doesn't encase them. It is a two layered skirt; the under layer being a black stretch synthetic mini skirt with a pleated shear over skirt. Excellent item!

     Additionally, I am wearing an Old Navy "tankisole" from the summer and my favorite white belt from Talbots. My Cat's Eye sunglasses are Dior, and I just love them to bits. The flip flops are compliments of Coach, and are quite comfortable, though, not in any way appropriate for desert outings. Nothing says "Happy Holidays" quite like the kiss of a scorpion's telson.


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  1. I really like this outfit Liz! It looks like your on a Parisian vacation. You really pull off that feminine elegance thing which I certainly struggle with.


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