Monday, December 10, 2012

Mascara Match-Up Mayhem Day 1!

Today, Gentle Readers, I did some things that I would not have thought that I would have ever done. Don't worry, I did put on pants before I left the wasn't that. On that very subject, been there, done that: wrote the apology letter and explained myself to the local Constabulary.
     In actuality, I took pictures of myself with just concealer and some eyebrow filler and posted them online for all to see. Why did I do this? For Science! Well, not exactly. I did it for my skewed version of "Beauty Science." Turns out it is more of a comparison, really. But, Science sounded like
more of an honorable call to duty. I am comparing mascaras. Each day I will apply a specific brand's mascara to my lashes and review. By the end of the work week, we will have 5 days of different mascaras deliberated and documented. By that time, we will have assembled enough data to crown one mascara to rule them all!

     Day one is Diorshow Black Out coming in at $31.00 CDN. This is a special edition in that I put on Diorshow Black Out on one eye alone, and on the other eye with the Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum (aka: a lash primer). The "serum" cost a solid $35.00 CDN and claims to "transform" lashes by using words like "vitality", "intense" and "innovative" in the description. This was the first day of using this miracle of science.

     Both went on smooth and the applicator was not jagged nor had an overly plastic feeling. The formula didn't sting my eyes and it came out in a nice paste, rather than dry or clumpy. It didn't make a bloody mess, either. Even with the occasional blink, the mascara stayed on the lash. Visually, the "serum" didn't make much of a difference. It added a half of a millimetre of length, I would say. It looked like Elmer's School Glue going on, and didn't make my lashes look any more lush. However, Dior cautions that there is an 8 week turnaround time to see any noticeable results, making my eye roll at the various claims that it made perhaps premature. For those curious, the "serum" was added to the lashes on the left.

     At the end of the day, it feels like a good quality mascara going on, but it doesn't have "are those falsies?" results. The more layers one builds, the more the lashes look like Spider's legs. I will keep looking! In the name of SCIENCE! Stay tuned for tomorrow's mascara: Loreal's Voluminous in Carbon Black!

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