Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mascara Match-Up Mayhem Day 3!

     Welcome back to the madness that is cosmetics testing. Today, I decided to leap back into the world of high end mascara. It is a world that I like to visit, but I can't live in. I come for the day, pick up some souvenirs and hit the highway back to Cheapsville. Or maybe it is Middle Class City. Either way, I covet a certain lifestyle that sadly doesn't work with twelves paws to feed. Did you know that the price of stuffed mice has jumped to 3 for $8.00? Sheesh. No wonder I could only swing a tester of today's prize fighter, "They're Real" by Benefit.

     "They're Real" comes in at $29.00 CDN from my friendly neighbourhood Sephora. The first thing that I noticed when I unfastened the top was the wand. The tip had plastic brushes going every-which-way. I was skeptical, wondering if they were going for some some cosmetics industry version of a cubist brush.

     The brush is by far the least comfortable that I have encountered thus far. It feels prickly and is downright menacing to look at. However, once the wand leaves your lashes, it is all worth it. It gives length and body galore. It genuinely enhances my lashes above and beyond the Diorshow and perhaps the Voluminous. Well worth the $29.00 that I didn't pay. I think I will feed my cats and my dog food with a higher ash content so I can glean some cash to buy this mascara.

       As always, photoshop-less photos. I have some dry skin as you can see, but no jaundice. It was just the lighting. My liver is a-ok!

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