Thursday, December 20, 2012

Desire For Things vs. Budget... score one for Desire

Remember when I posted that we couldn't guarantee we could keep up the posting pace? I hate it when I am prescient sometimes...
In my defense (I always hear Dr. Phil in my head when I say that) I have been ill, so I haven't been doing much in the personal grooming department. Presentable for general public consumption, sure, but that's it. Certainly not good enough to share with you, our Fair Readers.
That, combined with the general havoc that comes with this time of year, and yup, posts have slowed to a standstill... mine have anyway.
Here's a little one to tide you over for a while that I will file under Accessories. I guess its kind of a mini haul... wait, is there something smaller than "mini"...? MICRO... its a micro haul.

This little beauty should be mine in 25 to 30 days...
So, there are a lot of things that I want. A lot. Sometimes, I feel, an inordinate amount of material things that I want. Its a vice, I guess. I don't even know why the accumulation of stuff makes me feel good, but I am not going to question it.

However, sometimes, my budget and my desire for things come to blows.

They reaaaaally don't get along at all.

Especially since, when my Desire For Things is all "hey, lookit that necklace on Pinterest, lets buy one" and my Budget is all "you could buy it, but what about groceries, your kids need to eat" which usually pisses off Desire. She hates being guilted.  I don't blame her.
Damn kids and their nutritional needs...

Anyway, while trawling Pinterest last night, I saw two things that I really wanted. The aforementioned necklace, and a leopard print scarf. I should mention that said trawling was taking place on my iPhone, while trying to get my oldest to Go The F*ck To Sleep. My Budget was winning, especially since she's been completely blown this holiday season. Then, Desire softly whispered...ebay.

Which one will get here first?
Leopard is the new black, amiright?
Ebay! I had completely forgotten about the purchasing potential on ebay!

Opening up another app, I found the necklace AND the scarf. Which then led me to access another marvel of technology, PayPal...

As long as you are willing to wait for an item made in China to make its way here via the proverbial slow boat from, you can often get what you want, for a really great price.
I know I run the risk of getting a necklace with very bad, very yellow gold metal (I am really seeing it here for the first time...shit) but I think that when paying less than $10, shipping in, I can figure out a way to make it work.
The scarf I am less worried about. How badly can one eff up a scarf? I guess we shall see...

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  1. Another very promising site for you is You can get many of those and other necklaces for a fraction of the price. Oh and makeup, bags, clothes, electronics, shoes....shhhh:)


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