Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yellow and Black dress

I got this dress ages ago, just as the weather was edging towards getting warmer, and I couldn't wait to wear it. Obviously though, wait I did, since I didn't wear it until just yesterday. I have to say, I felt pretty great in this dress. I love the back detailing (the opening of which was low enough to look intentional, but high enough that my regular bra didn't show). The skirt, although you can't see in these shots, has repeated horizontal (tiered?) pleats, and the material felt awesome. Thick enough that it felt like it had structure, but still soft. I double-necklaced it with this one, which is something I see and admire often on others, but never have the nerve to try and pull off myself. These two necklaces were a very safe bet together though, since they have the same kind of "stone." Baby steps, right?

This post's practical advice: if you see something you like, but you are worried you can't pull off, try a scaled down or easier version, and see if you feel comfortable with it. Work your way towards it!

On me: Dress Additionelle (can't find it online, but I know its still in stores, as I saw it there just the other day; Shoes/Ring Unknown; Shorter necklace Le Chateau; Longer necklace unknown

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