Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shop Off Season, Save BIG!

     Even though it is starting to heat up, I am thinking about Fall and Winter. Why? Because it is off season and at the lowest price it will be all year. I find that is the best way to find luxury goods at prices that I can afford. Liked those Lanvin leather gloves? Now 70% off.  Been eyeing that Cashmere Coat? Now 40% off. And on it goes.

     I have rounded up some amazing finds that simply need to be passed on. (Many of them come from Neiman Marcus, who knew!) Enjoy!



     I was going to put a cashmere section in, but I am a week too late. They are back up to regular price. The best time of the year to buy a cashmere sweater is May. They are easily between 50-70% off. What a bargain!

If I spot anymore crazy deals, I will pass them along!

Happy Shopping!

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