Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shift-dress love

Its just a season of firsts! First, I throw caution to the wind and wear sleeveless dresses, and then, I try a silhouette that I never would have considered before.

The shift dress.

Given my body type, I figure that I need pieces with a little more structure, but when I tried this on, I really liked it!
I won't lie, my first inclination was to wear a belt with it, to give me a little more shape, but I was stuck on what kind of belt. What darn color of belt to wear with this color of dress? I'm still stumped...

So, I wore it sans belt, and I still really liked the look.

And I got to wear these cool sandals too. I love the lacing detail.

I mean, one of the warehouse guys said that I looked nice. WIN!

Really tried to make the winged eyeliner work, as a nod to the 60s silhouette.

The mirror is cracked! It wasn't me, I swear...

I'm really beginning to have a renewed appreciation for yellow gold. Which means I have to get more into my repertoire. Aww shucks. More shopping. Woe is me...

On me: Dress Old Navy (as per below); Shoes Payless (eons ago); Earrings/Ring/Bracelet Old Navy;

Shift dress love

Old Navy short dress
30 CAD -

Ivanka Trump strap heel sandals
145 CAD -

Ram band ring
3,030 CAD -

Jigsaw gold bangle
24 CAD -

Urban Renewal vintage earrings
19 CAD -

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