Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Look "Mint" for Spring

Blogging is fun again! See, I really wanted to rock the shit out of this blog at the beginning. There are so many blogs that I admire that really look like e-zines more than blogs. And I aspired to that. And I know I could do it, but I discovered that I just don't have the time! So, instead, I am just taking my selfies, fuzzy low-res and all, and posting those. And so, posts happen more often, and that makes me happy.
Sometimes, I guess, you have to just lower your expectations of what you have time to accomplish (not of how great you can look).

I realise that I don't really put a lot out here about me, personally. Is that something that people want to know about? I know when I read blogs, there are those that I get "emotionally invested" in, and those that I just want to see pretty pictures from. I guess my posts are still evolving. Haven't decided yet what my posts will entail. I think I'll just be winging it. Maybe somedays, I'll over share, and you'll feel like you know me, and other days, you'll just get pics.

It's my (co-)blog, and I'll cry if I want to (does that reference make sense to anyone? I am getting older, and that song is even before MY time). Anyway, on to the clothes...

But wait! I forgot I do have a little story to tell about this dress...

See how there is a zipper all the way up the front? I had it unzipped from the top just demurely when I got into the car. Chatted all the way to work for an hour or so with my carpooler, dropped him off, noticed that my lap belt was irritating me, go to adjust it, and see that the zipper has pushed itself down to pretty much that seam across the high-waist.


I hoped against hope that either it happened after my carpooler left, or he just hadn't noticed.

No such luck on either score.

He apparently thought I was just trying a bit of a "sluttier" look.


Good thing he is an old family friend, and we just laughed it off.

Practical advice from this post: Pay attention to your zippers, until you are sure about how they will behave.

On me: Dress Target; Cardi Costco; Shoes Target; Earrings Ebay; Bracelet Old Navy (current, you can still score this one!)

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