Friday, May 31, 2013

Black, embellished trapeze dress

No time, no time. No time to take fancy pictures.
Thanks to Liz, my co-blogger, for keeping the homefires burning!

So instead, I now take shots in the bathroom at the office. But hey, you get the idea right? And who doesn't think that cardboardboxes make the BEST decor...

Today's OOTD!

I love this dress. Its a smidge short for my comfort level (that's the shortest I will go with a skirt; I am almost 40 *sob*), and when I wear it, I am always checking to make sure that my goods are covered (because I can't "feel" the dress on, so I feel nekkid), but I absolutely adore the detail on the top, so, I dream about wearing it all through the cold and dreary winter, until it is time to take it out of the back of the closet and let it see the sunlight of summer day again...
Yesterday — crazy hot here in TO. Heat advisory, so this baby made her appearance.
Its kind of a trapeze dress, but I have yet to see anyone but skinnybitches look good in trapeze dresses, so I belt it. Nice and high, under my bust, empire-waist styles...

Check this detailing!

On me: Dress AVON (can' you believe it?? It was gifted) Wedges Old Navy (last year, or even older).

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