Friday, June 7, 2013

Channelling a modern Audrey

What a difference lighting makes...
I didn't intentionally try to channel Audrey Hepburn, but but I guess I kind of just fell into it. And why fight it, right?  If I had been really thinking about styling it Audrey styles, I would have worn pearls! But I think the crystals look pretty good with it as well!
Picked up this peplum top at Additionelle for a SONG the other day (just happened to go in to spend my VIP rewards dollars on a day that they were having 50% off the last sale price) and I was hesitant, but I am so SO glad I did.
Typically, I don't do sleeveless... I think the last time I was in public without sleeves (aside from the beach) was when I was married... about  6 years ago, in my strapless wedding gown.
But I've been checking out the fashion blogs, and I've been seeing other chicks breaking those "fat girl rules" (cover anything that might not be perfect, among others) and I thought eff it. I'm doing it!

I also really love the clashing of casual with dressy. This top could be black tie, with the right skirt, but I wore it with cuffed crops, and tada!

Had to take some hair shots, because I got many compliments on the bun, so it must have looked pretty good. This is another one of my "30 second updos." So easy to achieve. Maybe I'll post a tutorial on it, its to easy.

Love the really full peplum; 30-second updo. There's a big ugly alligator clip under there!

Almost didn't add this shot, because I didn't want it to seem like a gratuitous boob shot, but I really wanted you to see the lace detail on the shirt!


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