Thursday, June 13, 2013

Frilly, lacey, girly

This was originally intended to be a Pin to Post sort of outfit, but it got really hot, so I had to ditch my denim jacket, and it just ended up being this. That being said, if I hadn't lost the coat, you wouldn't be able to see the lovely frilly sleeve thing happening. I've decided to go for the arms this summer. I don't know if I will be ever seen out in just a tank top and jeans, but if there is something really pretty that requires my arms to show, then I must make it so.

I also have a question for our readers, and you must be out there, so please do weigh in. I figure there are two basic kinds of fashionistas: those who are "label-whores" (as I affectionately call them), who are willing to pay top $ for a designer name; those who are frugal and prefer to pay less for things, and get a thrill from finding something great for a small rather than a big $. Of course there are those that more likely fit into the shades of grey between those two poles, but we can't cover ALL our bases...

So, which one are you?

On me: Dress/belt Forever 21+; (not very old, but I couldn't find online; 2 alternatives below) Shoes Value Village; Earrings H&M (about eons ago); Necklace & bracelet Target

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