Monday, June 24, 2013

Fruit Salad (Peach & Orange)

Love this easy little dress. The peach color is great for Spring/Summer, and its a throw on piece. Actually, all dresses are kinda easy peasy, amiright? And the neon orange cami/dress is pretty groovy too. I am trying to think of other ways that I can wear it. Any clever suggestions?

Sorry, being a little tart-y in the far right shot; see the sheer panel at the shoulder?

I was told I was looking "very much the muchly" with these jewelry selections. I like how they don't match, per se, but all complement each other.
What do you guys think about the bracelet? I wasn't sure about it, but it went so well with the other pieces that I wore it anyway, and then got lots of positive feedback on it. I am very lucky that my mother-in-law has great taste. She often gets clothes and/or jewelry for me for birthdays/mothers day/christmas, etc, and she picks the most awesome stuff. And she totally has a handle on my style, and the kinds of things that I wear. She gave me the bracelet for Mother's Day, and it seems she knows me better than me!

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