Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Last week was hot... so very hot. But I am not complaining. I swore to myself that once Summer FINALLY arrived, I would not gripe about the heat. So I am not griping, I am just sayin'. It was muthatruckin' hot last week. And maxi dresses still seem pretty on-trend this Summer, so when I saw this little lovely in the back of the closet, I threw it on.
I bought it last year at Forever21+, and though I have a fear of overwhelming animal prints (being that I am nearing—if not sitting smack dab in the middle of—the Cougar years), fear of overheating won out, and out the door, and off on my merry way I went.

Wouldn't you know it, I got TONS of compliments on this dress. Have I mentioned my theory that I get the most compliments on the stuff that I don't really dig?

My son's daycare teacher said she loved my dress.

The girl behind the counter at the grocery store said she loved my dress.

I am befuddled, bewildered and bemused. But I'll take it. And I'll move this dress from the back of my closet to the front!

On Me: Leopard Maxi Dress Forever 21+ (last year); Shoes Charlotte Russe; Necklace/Bracelets Unknown


NY Collection maxi dress
45 CAD -

Charlotte russe shoes
37 CAD -

KENNETH JAY LANE bracelet bangle
26 CAD -

KENNETH JAY LANE bracelet bangle
38 CAD -

Reeds Jewelers stainless steel jewelry
42 CAD -

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