Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mental High Fives All Day

Typically, in the moments before I fall asleep at night, I consider my wardrobe in context of the upcoming weather, and I decide what I will wear the next day.
Nine times out of ten, I go with something completely different.
Today was sorta one of those days.
I saw, on Tumblr, a wicked outfit of a fitted denim shirt under a long white maxi skirt with a thick brown belt. Loved it. Borrowed a white skirt from a friend hoping to recreate the look, and that was what I pretty much had planned. Sadly, the white skirt was too snug, and you could see the tails of the denim shirt through the fabric. Double-plus ungood.
So, I pulled this skirt out of the closet on a whim. Got it from Winners for $8 months ago. I was looking for a black and white striped skirt, but for $8, this was close enough.
My original plan for this skirt was with a denim jacket over it, but that didn't work, so long story long... this outfit was born.
If I hadn't been in such a rush this morning, I probably wouldn't have worn this outfit at all. I didn't really dig it. But, I had to jet, so I threw on shoes, and necklace and a belt, and voila... *cue singing of angels*
I was giving myself mental high fives all day on this outfit.

I really like this ensemble after all. Its quite gathered at the waist, so it gives my "narrow" hips a little oophm, and presto, instant hourglass! Yeah, I'll take it.
Can't really see the necklace much under the shirt, but I just can't do the "necklace over shirt,  under collar" thing. Something about it just feels wrong to me. Don't ask me why...

On Me: Houndstooth skirt Chaus via Winners; Denim shirt Forever 21+; Belt Rickis; Shoes Chinese Laundry via Value Village; Necklace Ebay

Denim and B&W

Merona long denim shirt
26 CAD -

Michael kor
95 CAD -

Zara ankle tie shoes
53 CAD -

Yellow statement necklace
7.39 CAD -

ASOS slimming belt
11 CAD -

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