Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Best jeans ever

If you'll bear with me... I know that I went on and on about the Ricki's pants yesterday, but today I am going to rhapsodize about these jeans. I'll explain why I think they are the best evar, and you can take what you want from it.

I feel like, at this point, many of you might be thinking that I am in Ricki's back pocket. And to that I say, I wish... everything I am going on about, I bought with my own moolah, and Ricki's doesn't even know that I exist. Sadly. Sheeit, they don't even have a twitter account, I doubt they do blogger outreach!

But I digress. Back to the pants. For a long time, Torrid has been the only place that I have been able to find jeans that I really liked. And they haven't been replaced or anything (I just bought a pair of boyfriend jeans there that I am in LOVE with... come back and see me Friday, I think they will feature in my Casual Friday post... if not here, then definitely on my Tumblr). Torrid isn't being kicked off the Queen Jean Pedestal I had them on, they are just now co-rulers. Which, if this was a real kingdom, would probably result in bloodshed, but since they are figments of my imagination... well, I'm just going to drop this metaphor now, since I've already taken it WAY too far...

How'd ya like that deep red lippy, huh? I'm spreading my wings...
I'm just going to get into why these jeans are awesome.

  • They fit so well. Look at my ass! JUST LOOK AT IT! 
  • They are a perfect marriage of slim and bootcut. Not too slim, not too flared.
  • They have the perfect amount of stretch. They are comfy to wear, and make me feel... contained? but not so much that they feel like I'm about to be eaten by a boa constrictor.
  • They stay on. Many jeans that I have are always shifting down, and I have to hike them up every 5th step or so. Not these ones. Although, I do give them a tug when I stand up from sitting. They can't help but fall a little in the back when I sit. Which brings me to my only con: when seated, they drop in the back. We're not talking plumbers crack here, but possible whale-tale sighting (if that were my thing, which I won't say they are, or aren't)
  • And all this with NO MUFFIN TOP! *mic drop

I had to wear these jeans today, just had to. But I wanted to still look less casual than casual. If I had my blazer unpacked from winter storage, I would have worn that, but since I didn't, I needed something else to dress up the jeans. I was in a mad rush this morning, so I didn't accessorize like I would have liked to at all, but I did manage to pull this little beaut off. When I bought this peplum top at Additionelle (first worn here) it was on for such a great price that I couldn't pass it up, even though I didn't see myself getting high cost-per-wear out of it. But after seeing peplum tops layered over blouses (more than once) I knew I was going to get more wear out of it. And here it is. Performing exactly as expected. I love it when that happens...

On me: Peplum top AdditionElle (similar below); Jeans Ricki's (as per below); Blouse Old Navy (similar below); Shoes Isacc Mizrahi for Target (similar below).
Business Casual Peplum

Lace peplum top, 25 CAD / Soft dressing collared shirt, 21 CAD / Brooke Barely Bootcut Jean, 82 CAD / Fendi closed toe pumps, 585 CAD / Accessorize pearl bangle, 20 CAD / Juliet & Company studded jewelry, 22 CAD

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  1. now i REALLY want a pair of those jeans! haha


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