Monday, November 4, 2013

I love my Boyfriend...

...jeans, so much. Seriously. I've been coveting these jeans since last Spring, and I finally have them, and they are just as awesome as I was hoping they would be. I have been wearing these non-stop since I got them. Honestly, they are so awesome. This isn't really the best outfit to introduce you to these jeans, since I am not loving this styling, but the one thing I AM loving is the combination of fancy-bitch heels with the distressed and relaxed jeans. I have an AWESOME outfit in my head that includes these jeans, but I haven't actually gotten around to wearing it yet, since I have been sick as a dog for over two weeks, and its all I can do to drag my ass to work, let alone have the gumption to get myself all gussied up.

Look at that, two old-timey expressions in one sentence... This is a banner day my friends!

So, I humbly request that you hang in their with me while I try to beat this cold/cough, and I hope to get back on my regularly scheduled irregular scheduling of posts.

Pray for me. Seriously. This cough is KILLING me!

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