Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Top 5 (+1) Fall 2013 Trends

Fall is pretty much upon us, more or less, well, sort of. In the mornings...
Anywhere, here are my top 5 trending elements of the Fall 2013 season that I am going to try and incorporate into my wardrobe!

1. Menswear fabrics: Houndstooth, plaids; those patterns are going to be prominent this season. I've already seen red highland plaid leggings out and about, and while I probably won't be brave enough to try those, there are more subtle plaid leggings like the ones from Reitmans, I have already picked up the houndstooth dress from Target.

2. Winter White: It's long past Labour Day, but we don't have to hiss at white like a vampire shrinking at the sun. Provided you wear your whites in a way that doesn't scream Summer (like, say, a pair of capris), you should be good. I have a cable knit off-the-shoulder sweater from Torrid that I can't wait to wear this winter, and I have a crisp white blazer from Addition-Elle that will be making an appearance also. Or, heavens to betsy, this to-die-for moto jacket from City Chic...

3. Peplum: Yes! Still alive and kicking. One of my pieces that I bought last year from Forever 21+ is back in stock this year! Glad to be able to be getting better cost-per-wear out of those peplum pieces that I thought might have been a one-season wonder.

4. Leather: A lot of the leather I've seen has been as an accent to a piece. I've seen a lot of leather arms on fabric jackets, like the Ricki's one, below. Or, how about the pleather accents on the leggings from Ricki's? Or, knit arms and leather bodice? Or, go full leather. The options are endless. The leather waist dress is... just...

5. Military: This is a harder one for me, because I feel like military lends itself more often to casual option, but this jacquard jacket from Ricki's might find itself in my closet.

And, as a runner up, because I always plan a top 5, and then have just one more to add,

6. The Color Grey: Will grey be the new black for Fall 2013? Too soon to tell for sure, but it seems like Emerald isn't quite ready to give up its Color of 2013 crown yet, either.

Top 5 Fall 2013 Trends

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