Friday, October 11, 2013

Not Quite Winter White

Sometimes, I look at my recent clothing choices, and see how much my tastes have evolved. And then, such as in the case of this shirt, I can see how some things you like never change. Banded hem: check. Love a banded hem. Am I the only one? I've said it before and I'll say it again, the banded hem is a wonderful thing. It cleans up the hem of a non-tucked shirt, so it doesn't look schlubby! Best of both worlds, I tells ya. Also, the crossover front here, I have been in love with forever. This is quite a bit of an evolution from the original crossover fronts that I used to love so much, and actually, I probably wouldn't choose to wear a style like that anymore, but this I like. It's the best of the old, made fresh, shiny and new again! I originally bought this in the striped version, but I thought that the white would have more applications. I mean, I could really dress this up quite a bit, I think, with the right skirt...
So, here's my take.

I eschewed, and I do mean eschewed, yellow gold for soooooo long. I mean, I HATED it, and now, I am finding that I don't have enough in my repertoire. Darn it... have to go shopping... Paired this with my beloved leopard print shoes (which I got last year from Target), and thought the gold pieces would look nice in the mix.

Oh, and the nailpolish... I know I am going to rue the day I put it on, once it comes down to worrying it off my nails (damn glitter polish) but I was in the mood for something different, and dark (ish).

AND… let’s not forget that I need your votes for the AdditionElle contest. You don’t have to register, or even look for my entry. It takes 2 clicks. Click here to get to my entry page, and then click vote there, and you’re done-zo. Easy peasy. 

Don't make me beg...

On me: Top Ricki's (as per below); Jeans Torrid (as per below); Shoes Target (comparable below); Bracelet Reitmans (as per below); Necklace Unknown (comparable below); Earrings Reitmans (comparable below); Nails OPI Mariah Carey Collection "Can't Let Go"

Casual Friday

41 CAD -

Medium wash jeans
43 CAD -

Leopard print platform shoes
25 CAD -

Panacea multiple chain necklace
47 CAD -

72 CAD -

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