Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oh, so classy!

I'm very excited to finally be posting about clothes that are actually STILL in stores! I've been blogging for almost a year now (a year in December) and yet, I feel like I never wear (and post) clothes as I buy them! But this Fall, that seems to be changing. Here, for your viewing pleasure is a dress from Ricki's.

And I LOVE it! I feel like my wardrobe is getting classed up this fall, and this is definitely a part of that trend. I love how the dress has a classic feel, but it has some new trends incorporated... in the form of pockets. Its so flattering on too, because it has some pleating and fullness at the front, that miraculously doesn't puff out my tummy (any more than it naturally does). I hope you can make it out in the second picture set, below.

Keeping in the "classic" theme, I paired it with my (then) only pair of professional pumps. I've since acquired another pair, that you can see on the Polyvore set, below. I also love that the neckline of this dress never gets dangerous. A lot of wrap and faux wrap dresses can sometimes really gape or be cut way too low, but this has an almost gathered neck, so there is lots of fabric for modesty. Which, in the office, I am aiming for...

On me: Dress Ricki's; Shoes Franco Sarto via some discount shoe warehouse, about 5 years ago; Bracelet/Ring Unknown

Fancy B*tch ;)

Fancy B*tch ;) by Curvouture featuring a city bag

41 CAD -

72 CAD -

185 CAD -

200 CAD -

18 CAD -

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